Foundations A-Z and Raz-Plus: A Powerful Duo

Foundations A-Z promotes literacy for EVERY student. Built on the Science of Reading, Foundations A-Z delivers an explicit, research-based, K-5 foundational skills solution that integrates:

  • Systematic, explicit instruction
  • Clearly modeled lessons
  • Embedded professional development
  • Engaging skill-building opportunities

Research-based instruction leads to better student outcomes. Foundations A-Z aligns with the Simple View of Reading and Scarborough’s Rope to deliver an effective solution built on the Science of Reading.

Helping teachers transition to systematic instruction doesn’t have to be stressful. By combining explicit lesson plans with point-of-use professional development support, Foundations A-Z helps teachers build confidence as they drive better student literacy outcomes.

Rich, diverse resources featuring multisensory interactive games and digital books help students learn while having fun. The fun cast of space characters accompanies students on their learning journey as they complete missions and earn rewards through the online and mobile student portal!


>> Provide resources that support students no matter where they are in their literacy journey. With the powerful duo of Foundations A-Z and Raz-Plus, educators can build critical foundational skills and deepen comprehension and higher order thinking with this complete literacy solution. When you teach foundational skills in a systematic way, students are poised to achieve more meaningful reading results when they move onto advanced comprehension skills. Additionally, with Foundations A-Z and Raz-Plus teachers can be more strategic on what resources to assign in order to meet literacy proficiency goals. Whether it's assigning a lesson for Foundations A-Z to reinforce a key foundational skill with a struggling student, or using a resource within Raz-Plus to extend fluency practice or provide increased exposure to new text genres, at any time, educators have a plethora of resources to support all the students in the classroom where they need it most. What if you could put every child in grades K through five on a path to literacy success no matter where they are in their learning journey. Learning A-Z has the tools to help you get there. learn more today.

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