Embedded Professional Development With Foundations A-Z

Helping Educators Make An Impact

Providing educators with opportunities to put new skills into practice can help them become more effective in their work. In fact, without question, research indicates that professional development (PD) makes the most impact on learning when teachers can immediately apply what they’ve learned. This is the very reason why embedded PD can be so powerful.

Aligned with Science of Reading research such as Scarborough’s Reading Rope and the Simple View of Reading, Foundations A-Z is specifically designed to support instructional best practices for developing skilled readers. As an explicit, research-based foundational skills solution, Foundations A-Z truly sets students up for success by equipping them with the resources and drive to learn, practice and apply reading skills. No matter the level of support necessary, this solution offers full, embedded PD support to educators when implementing Science of Reading-based instruction, and in turn, drives improved student outcomes.

How does embedded PD help teachers feel confident in a systematic approach?

By embedding PD into this solution in various locations in small, easily digestible chunks, educators have their very own coach in their pocket. This structure allows teachers to access what they need, when they need it, without having to wait for PD sessions to occur. Get all this and more:

  • Expert-level content support from subject matter experts, thought leaders, and fellow educators
  • Point-of-use PD so educators can locate support when and where they need it
  • An easy-to-access PD library that houses all resources in one place, allowing teachers to bookmark their favorites and customize their PD collection
  • Multiple PD formats, including video, audio, text, to meet various learning preferences
  • Dynamic content that is easy to view on digital devices including smartphones

What’s the philosophy behind the embedded PD in Foundations A-Z?

We know educators need support while they implement powerful programs like Foundations A-Z. That’s why our embedded PD offers educators so much to rely upon.

We respect the craft and creativity of the teachers by providing:

  • Teacher support with knowledge of best practices for effective, research-based literacy instruction
  • Deeper dives into pedagogy and instructional routines
  • Videos, research articles, and podcasts with practical ways to strengthen instruction

We engage teachers and administrators by providing:

  • Personalized PD, giving teachers choices on when, what, and how to consume PD options
  • Flexibility to use resources individually or in a Professional Learning Community setting
  • A “My Collections” section where educators can build their own PD collection of resources
  • Advanced search options to help find relevant resources

We provide authentic, meaningful support by providing:

  • A "coach in the pocket" for teachers
  • Resources and support at point-of-use and in the PD library
  • Strategies and skills that are approachable and realistic to implement

We encourage individuality and innovation by empowering educators to:

  • Choose what’s relevant to them based on their level of need
  • Analyze data and analytics to inform instructional decisions and transform learning
  • Take advantage of Foundations A-Z’s full reporting capabilities

Plus, take a deeper look into the many types of PD offered within Foundations A-Z:

Confidently bolster K-5 foundational skills and empower your educators to drive improved student outcomes while instilling the joy of learning in their students with Foundations A-Z.

Explicit and Systematic Meets Fun and Engaging.

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