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Convenient Options to Optimize Instruction

Today’s educators must master a variety of skills as they strive to achieve the goals laid out by both the curriculum and their school or district. In working to achieve these goals, the art and science of teaching can sometimes feel rushed, offering little time to ensure that educators feel confident in teaching the material or gain needed support to achieve maximum efficacy in instruction. With the ongoing demands of an educator’s day, it’s even more important for educators to take a moment to breathe, review the basics of educational concepts, and equip themselves with the confidence to adequately teach things like foundational skills.

Educators need a convenient professional development solution that:

  • Ensures they are familiar with key educational concepts
  • Clearly guides them through implementing new concepts in the classroom
  • Provides research-based best practices to allow them to make informed decisions

Foundations A-Z has all these features and more! As you begin to teach K-5 foundational skills, this comprehensive tool grants the confidence to teach foundational skills, provides detailed support when and where you need it, and guides you through implementation in your classroom while accommodating your schedule, as well as your learning preferences!

Read The Research: Essential Educational Content

read the research

Of the many beneficial professional development resources included in Foundations A-Z, Read the Research is particularly helpful in establishing best practices for foundational skills instruction. Within this section, you will find informative, detailed content regarding pedagogy, useful educational research, and insight about effective strategies that you can utilize immediately in your classroom. As you explore this section, you will find information about topics such as:

  • Morphology: Take a deep dive into morphology, the benefits, the basics, and the power of teaching morphology.
  • Fluency: Explore the importance of fluency focus, examples of fluency, considerations when teaching fluency, and the development of fluent readers.

Listen & Learn: Conversations with Educators

listen and learn

In addition to the variety of available reading resources, Foundations A-Z includes audio content so you can learn on the go! In no more than twenty minutes, Foundations A-Z’s Listen & Learn audio episodes provide context on educational topics and practical strategies from classroom teachers that can be applied immediately in your classroom! Topics covered in Listen & Learn episodes include:

  • Knowledge Building: Join our hosts as they discuss ways to strengthen student background knowledge with an intentional plan to integrate core subjects and make cross-curricular connections.
  • Multisensory Instruction: Join our hosts as they discuss how to incorporate multisensory activities into foundational skills instruction.

Professional Development With Convenience

As each educator aims to teach foundational skills, they need a professional development solution that is convenient and accessible when, where, and how they need it. Explore the wide array of resources available within Foundations A-Z to enhance your instruction while accommodating your schedule.

Professional Development To Meet You Where You Are

Delve into Foundations A-Z and discover the timely resources to enhance instruction, increase convenience, and drive improved student outcomes.

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