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Now that you’ve  met the experts behind the embedded professional development found in Foundations A-Z, we’d like to take you on a deep dive into the “Learn From Experts” professional development videos you’ll find within this research-based resource.

Created by knowledgeable experts, these videos allow you to learn from a trusted team to support foundational skills instruction. Short on time? No worries! Each video was created with educators in mind. Lasting approximately ten minutes, each video grants you time back in your day to lesson plan, implement your learnings in the classroom, or narrow down your “to do” list for the day.

Aside from its high quality and impact, this content explores a variety of topics from pedagogy to best practices to equip teachers with the knowledge and confidence to approach classroom instruction with a new perspective.

Content That Makes an Impact

All videos have been carefully created to address key concepts about foundational skills, things to consider when teaching foundational skills, and more! Here are just a few samples of the content you will find within the “Learn from Experts” section of Foundations A-Z.

Watch a sample of the insightful content within Foundations A-Z!

What Are Foundational Skills?

Dr. Julia Lindsey explains the importance of teaching foundational skills and the skills outside of the traditional standards that contribute to building a solid foundation for reading.

learn from experts video - louisa villa

Embracing Your Students' Bilingualism

Louisa Villa discusses how you can encourage bilingual speakers to embrace their bilingualism and utilize their entire repertoire to communicate using research-based practices suitable for the modern-day classroom.

learn from experts video - tim rasinski


Dr. Tim Rasinski discusses morphology and the value of teaching meaningful word patterns and word parts to both determine the pronunciation of words and discern their meaning. In this video, Dr. Rasinski illustrates daily strategies that can help your students tap into their innate ability to see patterns and expand their vocabulary. 

We can’t wait to show you more about Foundations A-Z and how its content can help you teach foundational skills with confidence while driving improved student literacy. Stay tuned for more information about this product and how it can continue to help you make an impact!

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