Boosting Student Engagement With The Student Portal

The Intersection of Learning and Fun!

Learning A-Z makes it easy to teach and even more fun to learn! Sharmia Jones, an Account Specialist, takes a deep dive into the game-based student portal and shows us how it makes learning feel more like fun!

Hi! I'm Sharmia Jones, a Professional Learning Manager at Learning A-Z. Today, I'm going to show off our fun student portals. To view this feature, you'll want to navigate to the Kids A-Z home screen. Then, select your student's name and login with their password. After signing in, you'll see one of two views depending on the student's age, a primary portal view with planets, or intermediate portal view, which shows off the student's supercool, customizable avatar. Students can earn stars and badges for their hard work within the portal. To see an example of this for an intermediate student, we'll click the Reading tab at the top and then select "Reading Room." Hmm. What books should we read? Whoa, a book on a furniture troll? I'd freak out if my coffee table moved. Let's see what that's about. You'll see that doing any of these activities will allow students to earn stars. Let's start by reading this book. Woo-hoo! Look at all these stars we've earned. I can't wait to buy a new shirt for my avatar! But first, let's see how the portal is a bit different in Vocabulary A-Z, this time in the primary view, and select the vocabulary planet. From there, we can click on an assignment the teacher has given us and participate in a wide variety of resources. Not only are there tools to annotate and comprehend the text, but there are loads of fun games as well! Time to cash in on all those sweet stars we earned today! Students use the stars they've earned from activities to customize their avatars and decorate their rockets. To see this in action, let's click on the Star Zone icon from the Kids A-Z home page. In the primary view, you'll locate the star on the bottom right of the dashboard, or if you're an intermediate student, the Star Zone will be located on the top right. We can choose between designing the avatar or the rocket. Intermediate students can even choose different backgrounds. Using the avatar builder, students can make their avatar look just like them or make something totally brand-new. Everyone is an artist in the Star Zone. Oh, look! There's the shirt I wanted. Now, enough fun and games. Let's jump into some data. Students can check their own progress within Kids A-Z in the Stats area. To access this data, visit the home page and search for the Star Zone. The My Stats button will be located on the left. Here, students can look at their overall stats, the badges they've collected from the books they've read and stats about how much reading they've done. Like baseball cards or stamps, some may have a desire to collect them all. In the intermediate view, click the three dots in the top right, and select "All Stats" to see how far your students have come. Thanks for joining us on this quick peek at our student portals in Kids A-Z.

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