Getting Started With Learning A-Z: Rostering Your Students

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Learning A-Z makes teaching easier for educators and learning more fun for students. Rebecca Hayter, a Customer Success Manager, shows how easy it is to get started with Learning A-Z by going over implementation and rostering. Let's go!

>> Hi. I'm Rebecca, and I'm a Customer Success Manager with Learning A to Z. Today I'm going to show you how easy it is to get started with Learning A to Z by going over implementation and rostering. [MUSIC] After logging into your account on the Raz Plus Home Page, select the Guided Help button. This will walk us through the features included in Learning A to Z's products step-by-step. Start by selecting Roster Students, followed by Add Students. At this point, you'll notice that the guided help feature is telling us to click on the Managed Students dropdown menu, so we'll follow its lead, and then select to Add Students. You can upload a .CSV file, import a Google Classroom, or add students one by one. After clicking the Add Student button, you'll gain the ability to manage your classroom the way that you see fit. This is where you'll enter the info for the real rock stars -- your students. To select the correct Raz Plus reading level for your students, click the question mark next to Raz Plus. You can either assign the Reading Placement Tool, choose a reading level, or enter a Lexile or Fountas and Pinnell level. Use the level correlation chart to get a better idea of how different systems match ours. Then set a unique password for each student. Select from various icons, or create a multi-digit or multi-letter code to ensure that only you and that student have access to their account. Once their info is placed, select Save to roster them to your class. Now, let's see how we can adjust the Reading Room. First, make sure you are on the Raz Plus tab. Then, go back to Guided Help and select Customize Classroom. Finally, select Adjust Reading Room. Pick one or more students that you would like to change the settings for. Then, click on the Reading Room, and select Customize. Here, you can change the settings to your liking. While English and Spanish are the default options, there are also a few other languages to choose from. Hmm -- does it include French? There it is! Oui! Thanks for joining us on this quick peek with Getting Started with Learning A to Z. If you had as much fun watching as I had making this video, check out to learn more. [MUSIC]

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