Enhancing Instruction With Premade Lesson Plans and Resource Packs

Help From Learning A-Z Experts

Learning A-Z makes it easier to teach and even more fun to learn! Nicola Homy, an Account Specialist, shows how easy it is to get started with the clearly modeled lesson plans and resource packs included in Learning A-Z products. Check it out!

Hi. I'm Nikki, an account specialist here at Learning A-Z. Today, I'm going to show you a library of lesson plans and resource packs across all of our products. Like a box of chocolates, each product presents their suggestions and tips a little bit differently. Let's see how each product provides you with everything you need to succeed. Foundations A-Z and Writing A-Z, for example, provide easy to access research-based lesson plans to guide reading and writing instruction. To access these resources, simply log in to your account, open the hamburger menu on the top-left side of the page and select lesson plans. Just don't try eating it. That's not an available feature just yet. Now choose the grade, unit and module that you would like to view. With just a few clicks, an entire lesson plan is available at your fingertips. Each of the plans you see here follows a gradual release model based on the most effective evidence-based practices. Now, let's switch gears and head over to Raz-Plus. Raz-Plus offers lesson plans, curated resource packs and question guides. For a good example of these, let's start by typing ocean animals in the search bar. I know we want Learning A-Z's level M version of the book, so we'll use the filter menu to quickly find what we're looking for. Then select the leveled book lesson link to access the lesson plan.

To see our resource packs, select resource menu drop-down, focused instruction and then text sets. I hope you packed your umbrella because we're going to the Amazon rainforest. Here you'll find resources all about that topic. Another way to boost reading success is through our question guides. Use the resource tab to select focused instruction and then summer school. This pack focuses on resources to keep kids engaged even in the heat of the summer. Raz-Plus ELL Edition allows you to join in on the fun too. To find these resources, visit the Raz-Plus home page and select the add-ons drop-down menu. Then under the ELL Edition, select content picture packs. I know I want a lesson plan for my first grade classroom about animal habitats, so we'll select the science filters and the grades 1-2 tab. Upon viewing the lesson plan, you will notice that it is accompanied by a variety of other resources to reinforce animal habitats. Like conducting an experiment, we know that teaching science demands a plan of action. Science A-Z provides unit road maps that are based on read-first, do-first or project-based approaches. To access these resources, click the resource tab from the Science A-Z home page. Under life, select habitats/environment for our third grade class. View all three road maps by clicking the printable or projectable format here. No matter which roadmap you choose, it will get you to your final destination with ease.

Last but certainly not least, Vocabulary A-Z offers pre-made lessons that are tied to both Raz-Plus and Science A-Z. To view these resources, click on the premade lessons tab on the Vocabulary A-Z home page. If we click Reading A-Z leveled books and select a title, you will see vocabulary connections to that product. You can also see the premade lesson plans that are tied to other companies as well under their reading series section. Thanks for joining us on this quick peak at the lesson plans and resource packs available within Learning A-Z products. If you want to dive into these resources further, check out learninga-z.com.

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