The Powerful Duo: A Cut Above the Competition

A Solution That's Abilities Extend Beyond myON

Tiara Smith

By Tiara Smith, Copywriter & Content Strategist

The modern day classroom utilizes digital technology now more than ever, but is all screen time created equal? It is no secret that many teachers and parents utilize digital tools to supplement learning, but not all digital solutions equip students with everything they need to achieve success, specifically when it comes to developing successful readers. Outside of learning in the classroom, students and teachers need a solution that is a unique mixture of independent reading practice, exposure to new vocabulary words, reinforcement of foundational skills, and exciting opportunities that increase student engagement and motivation. If you are using a solution such as myON to supplement classroom instruction, you may be missing a few key pieces to the puzzle of reading success.

Practice Alone Does Not Make Perfect

Reading practice is paramount to achieve success, but there’s more to it than many realize. myON, for example, offers a wide variety of recommended practice texts based on a placement survey students take, but fails to support the other end of the equation- foundational skills instruction. As students refine foundational skills such as vocabulary, fluency, and the like, their reading skills will continue to improve, which is why you need a solution that perfectly integrates foundational skills instruction with research-based reading instruction, practice, and resources.

Our powerful duo, Raz-Plus and Foundations A-Z, does just that! Acting as perfect complements to one another and your educational curriculum, this duo reinforces foundational skills using resources, clearly modeled lesson plans, and assessments aligned with Science of Reading research. As students become grounded in foundational skills using Foundations A-Z, they’ll be able to practice what they’ve learned by engaging in reading practice with the thousands of high-interest texts available within our award-winning product, Raz-Plus. When paired together, Raz-Plus and Foundations A-Z outperforms myON, as they reinforce critical foundational skills, foster the environment for small group, whole class, or independent reading practice, and allow students to apply what they’ve read, rather than solely acting as a platform for reading practice.

Supporting Teachers to Accelerate Learning

Though the vast library of over 7,000 core texts available within myON is beneficial for reading practice, it doesn’t necessarily support teachers as best they could be. Prior to the need for reading practice comes the crucial process of creating a foundation for reading development that involves teaching foundational skills. Teaching foundational skills can be quite daunting, especially when transitioning to Science of Reading-aligned instruction. To take the guesswork out of instruction and solidify the foundation upon which successful readers are built, Foundations A-Z offers expert-led embedded professional development and more. Prior to stepping foot in the classroom, Foundations A-Z grants teachers with a sense of confidence to teach foundational skills by providing:

  • Sample dialogue to guide classroom discussion
  • Professional development available in multiple formats to simplify implementation and provide flexibility
  • Point-of-use teacher tools
  • Clearly modeled, explicit, systemic lesson plans that follow a scope and sequence


As teachers begin to feel more comfortable teaching foundational skills, students will begin to become even better readers, encouraging them to nurture their love of reading.

Help Students Thrive With The Science of Reading

Research-based reading instruction is certainly easier said than done, as many teachers can attest to. Teachers often find themselves needing support with practice materials, lesson plans, assignments, and more, but not all of the materials you find will be created equal. If you are currently using myON, you will notice that teachers are able to assign projects or create lessons, but the solution fails to provide research-based best practices and tools to help your classroom get ahead. With Raz-Plus and Foundations A-Z, this is a thing of the past!

Gone are the days when teachers are required to spend hours researching how to best implement Science of Reading instruction in their classrooms. This complementary duo includes lesson plans, resources, assessments, and materials aligned with Science of Reading research to ensure that your students are receiving best-in-class instruction and that you are able to make the best use of your limited time and resources. Using this duo, teachers are able to turn research into practice and truly set their students up for success.

Tools to Make Reading Fun for All

Learning to read can be quite taxing for students, as it is multi-faceted in nature. To alleviate some of this stress, the powerful duo of Raz-Plus and Foundations A-Z offers a game-based student portal that rewards students for their accomplishments. Unlike myON, this duo goes beyond offering high-interest texts by encouraging students to continue reading by:

  • Allowing them to earn stars for completing assignments and reading books
  • Providing fun opportunities for them to customize their experience by using their stars to personalize their avatar or spaceship
  • Encouraging them to accelerate reading development with Level Up!, a digital platform that helps students advance to the next reading level


Outside of offering a plethora of high-interest texts like myON, Raz-Plus and Foundations A-Z takes things a step further to increase student engagement and motivation while instilling the joy of learning.

The Powerful Duo: A Step Above the Competition

Raz-Plus and Foundations A-Z come together to build complete literacy proficiency while supporting both teachers and students every step of the way. Offering significantly more than myON, this powerful duo truly provides everything teachers need to confidently teach foundational skills, everything students need to practice and apply what they’ve learned, and everything teachers need to monitor student progress and inform instruction. Don’t just take our word for it; sign up for a free trial today!

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