Foundations A-Z & Raz-Plus: A Powerful Duo

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See how you can help your students achieve literacy success with a combination of research-based foundational skills instruction and flexible reading comprehension resources.

A Research-Based Pair That Can't Be Beat

Strategically meet the literacy needs of your K-5 students with the powerful duo of targeted foundational skills instruction and flexible language comprehension.

Learn How The Powerful Duo Can Fit Your Instruction

Watch how seamlessly Foundations A-Z and Raz-Plus work together to cover foundational skills and analytical reading skills in a single literacy lesson.


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Foundations A-Z

Built on the Science of Reading, Foundations A-Z empowers educators to effectively teach all foundational skills and instill the joy of learning.

  • Thoughtfully mapped Scope & Sequence covers all foundational skills
  • Complete lesson plans deliver systematic, explicit, and cumulative instruction from the first lesson
  • Purposeful student materials feature diverse content and interactive multimedia experiences
  • Point-of-use teacher tools, professional development, and reports are accessible at your fingertips
foundations a-z product features and resources

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Raz-Plus is a blended learning platform that combines teacher-led whole-class and small-group instruction with technology-enabled resources for personalized reading practice.

  • More than 3,000 books and additional reading resources available in printable, projectable, online, and mobile formats.
  • Lesson plans, activity sheets, and quizzes that accompany each book
  • A variety of assessment tools to place students at the right level, monitor reading progress, and inform instruction
  • Online reports with individual and class-wide activity and performance

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