Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Helpful Resources and Tips for Showing Gratitude

You probably know at least one teacher who has inspired or helped your child. You’ve probably also known a teacher or two who inspired or helped you! Teacher Appreciation Week gives schools, parents, and students a chance to express their gratitude. Nobody deserves appreciation more than teachers. At Learning A-Z, we’re all about teachers all year long, so we’ve got useful tips for great ways to show your appreciation!

Give Thanks in a Meaningful Way

The act of appreciation includes gratitude and goes further. Appreciating a person’s work and contributions asks us to practice respect and empathy. Appreciation means understanding the worth of that valuable work and those unique contributions. Showing appreciation traditionally includes a gift. The concept of appreciation can also include recognition: expressing gratitude in a visible, public, or other lasting way.

Teacher Appreciation Week always takes place in the first full week of May!

The past year required teachers to overcome astounding challenges: pivoting quickly to new learning models while teaching remotely during a pandemic. It’s remarkable and laudable that they succeeded and keep succeeding in their work every day. One of the ways you can appreciate teachers is by recognizing those struggles and praising their successes. When you write that thank-you card, be sure you talk about how the teacher brightens your child’s life, knowing you’ll brighten their day.

What Would Teachers Love Getting for Teacher Appreciation Week?

Letters, handwritten notes, or thoughtful emails from parents and students, current and former, describing how that teacher helped or inspired them, are always the best. Printed mugs, t-shirts, rulers, candles, pencils, plaques, paperweights, and other knick-knacks: not so much. Looking for great ways you can show thanks and appreciation for teachers? Check out our useful infographic and get the help you need!

More Helpful Resources for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Can Happen Anytime

At Learning A-Z, we’re constantly overwhelmed by our gratitude for the amazing work teachers do every day. Everything collected here is just one way we’re showing our appreciation.

Meaningful and challenging, a teacher’s job is to share knowledge with our new generations when they need it most, playing an important role during essential years of social and intellectual growth. We’re tremendously grateful to have teachers committed to education helping our children learn and grow. Think of Teacher Appreciation Week as a chance to start a new habit of expressing appreciation for teachers whenever possible.

Want to know what teachers really want? Download our helpful infographic!

5 Tips: Gifts Teachers Will Love

5 Tips: Gifts Teachers Will Love
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