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Pivot to Any Learning Environment

Keep your students engaged and empowered throughout their learning journey, wherever they are. Enjoy helpful strategies, tools, insights, and first-hand success stories from fellow teachers and administrators. Hear reports from districts about how they actively pivoted to virtual teaching and learning. Discover Learning A-Z solutions to help you personalize learning, close learning gaps, and support students in class and at home!

Distance Learning Lessons Learned

Benchmarks, Best Practices, and Funding Opportunities


Watch this free one-hour webinar and explore the knowledge gained from our 2020 K-6 Benchmark Survey. Compare your own experiences with those of the Learning A-Z community of educators and district decision-makers! Gain actionable strategies for closing gaps and engaging students, educators, and caregivers, along with advice for using CARES Act funding.


Teacher Resources to Support Learning in Any Environment

From Social-Emotional Learning strategies to tips and tools for keeping students engaged, we’re here with resources gathered to support teachers in any setting or situation. As we all adjust to the new challenges brought to schools everywhere by COVID-19, supporting students and keeping kids motivated is more important than ever. Check out these webinars and videos to help you move forward successfully.

“I am using Raz-Kids as part of my reading lessons and independent reading for the students. I have to say that of all the webinars and trainings I have taken, Raz-Kids was the easiest to navigate.”
– Sharon Persaud, Classroom Teacher, Hunters Green Elementary School, Tampa, FL

How to Make Distance Learning Fun – Kindergarten teacher Rebecca Coleman talks about how she pivoted quickly to distance learning because of COVID-19.

Connect With Students Through the Screen – Teacher Dolleen Wiltgen shares her methods for connecting with students by focusing on their strengths.

Setting Goals With Your Students – Teacher Shannon Miller shares goal-setting tips and talks about how goals helped her young students succeed with distance learning.

Meeting Students Where They Are – Teacher Brandy Chase reveals the ways she uses books, recorded video lessons, and other resources to make remote learning flexible for students and caregivers.

Social-Emotional Learning in Virtual Classrooms – Teacher Deanna McFarland describes overcoming difficulties related to remote learning and explains how she motivates students while supporting them.


Join Dr. Tim Rasinski as he explores what’s changed with the instruction and practice of foundational literacy skills in the COVID-19 era. This free webinar explores tips for classroom, hybrid, and distance learning, best practices for extending foundational skills from the classroom to the home, and more!


Dr. Tim Rasinski: Laying the Foundation of Reading Success – Explore scientifically validated, actionable instructional approaches for effective, engaging foundational reading instruction.

Teaching Foundational Skills in the Age of COVID-19 – Find out how one North Carolina educator prevented the COVID-19 slide by moving seamlessly from classroom to online instruction.

Raz-Plus Distance Learning Packs

Distance Learning Hacks From Learning A-Z – Raz-Plus Distance Learning Packs make it easy to deliver standards-based learning opportunities for K-5 students anytime, anywhere. Read Article

Learn More about Distance Learning Packs

Support Distance Learning With Raz-Plus – Learn how to use Raz-Plus to support literacy instruction in a distance learning environment, leveraging resources that are easy to access at home.

This School Year: Connect, Plan, Communicate – Watch this video to learn practical, actionable tips for teaching in a virtual environment, while maintaining an inviting, positive culture.

Learning A-Z and Google Classroom – See how combined resources from Learning A-Z and Google Classroom enable assessment and reporting to support data-informed decision-making.

Distance Learning Resources

Distance Learning Resources From Learning A-Z – Explore five keys to successful distance learning and see how Learning A-Z solutions help teachers support students, wherever learning takes place. Read Article

Learn More about Distance Learning Resources

Motivate Students to Give Back – Learn about great ways to engage students (and keep them motivated!) by giving back, while also supporting positive social-emotional outcomes.

The Hope of Education – Dr. Jilliam Joe examines our existing models of education, offering insights about how we can now move toward realizing the hope of a truly equitable education system.

Establish Foundational Literacy Skills – Hear our panelists discuss vocabulary, spelling, and literacy instruction, along with today’s new challenges, and tools to help students learn and grow.

Foundational Skills Instruction – This talk explores the new foundational skills lessons and resources in Raz-Plus. They’re great for teaching phonological awareness and phonics.

Social-Emotional Tips with Mrs. Ahmed – Make sure students are receiving the social-emotional support they need in these uncertain times, and get great tips for engaging students.


Fostering Social-Emotional Learning – Promoting, strengthening, and nurturing social-emotional learning helps students build better relationships and improves academic achievement for students at every level. Read Article

Learn More about Social-Emotional Learning

SEL in Your Classroom: 7 Simple Tips – Social-emotional learning (SEL) is fundamental for helping children grow into healthy, happy, successful adults. Use our powerful tips to easily add SEL to your classroom routine. Download Guide

Learn More SEL Tips

Dual Language and the Home-to-School Connection – Jordan Gonzalez of Yonkers PS explores best practices for dual language instruction in both distance and blended learning environments.

Bridging the Gap for English Language Learners – Learn how to support English language learners in any environment. Hear success stories, learn flexible methods, and get tips for 2020-2021.


Promote Dual Language Learning – Raz-Plus resources provide everything teachers need to effectively promote biliteracy, develop bilingual comprehension, and build foundational vocabulary. Read Article

Learn More about Dual Language Learning

Empower English Language Learners – Learning A-Z supports English language learners (ELLs) with powerful resources to help them retain acquired knowledge while gaining confidence in their academic achievements. Read Article

Learn More about Empowering ELL

Motivational Posters – These fun posters are an easy way to get kids excited about reading. Download

Learn More Motivational Posters (English)

Carteles Motivacionales – Estos carteles divertidos entusiasman a los niños sobre la lectura. Descargar

Learn More Motivational Posters (Spanish)

Part 1: Ideas and Tips for Serving the Needs of Exceptional Learners – Hear useful tips for improving fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills, with fun, easily implemented activities for any environment.

Part 2: Ideas and Tips for Serving the Needs of Exceptional Learners Panel – In part two of this series, get more tips from our speakers, whether you’re teaching in school, remote, or blended learning environments.

District Planning for Distance Learning

Get great tips, tools, and strategies for administrators and districts going virtual! Discover helpful lessons learned, hear about best practices, and explore the step-by-step process districts have used so far in 2020 to achieve success.

“Learning A-Z is committed to improving the lives of children by helping them learn to read… I see the true worth and effectiveness of the programs, using them not only in Chichester School District, but also with my children through their school district.”
– Steve Magliano, Director of Instructional Technology & Data Management, Chichester School District, Aston, PA


Watch this complimentary webinar to get actionable tips on using CARES Act funding to support distance learning best practices and help close the COVID-19 gap. Hear from education experts and district leaders about their insights and real-life experiences putting CARES Act dollars into action in the classroom.


Transitioning to Remote Learning Quickly and Effectively – Learn how Springfield Public Schools pivoted to distance learning in crisis, discover lessons learned, and get tips to help you succeed.

Case Studies and Lessons Learned From COVID-19 Emergency Instruction – Dr. Richard Ferdig discusses best practices, strategies, and successful responses to COVID-19, developed by a range of educational professionals.

The Latest Research on Data-Driven Foundational Skills – Doctoral candidate Julia Lindsey shares insights on data-informed instruction, highlighting ways to deliver instruction informed by quantifiable best practices.

Enhance Digital Instruction with Google Classroom – See how combined resources from Learning A-Z and Google Classroom enable assessment and reporting to support data-informed decision-making.


7 Ways to Help Close the Achievement Gap – Creating equity for each student is the objective of educational reform across the country, but such complex change happens one student at a time. Read Article

Learn More Ways to Help Close the Achievement Gap

The Human Connection in Personalized Learning – Technology helps empower teachers to deliver custom-crafted instruction tailored specifically to each student’s unique strengths. Read Article

Learn More about Personalized Learning


Indian Creek Elementary Case Study – This school, where 45 languages are spoken and 78% of students are ELLs, improves performance with Learning A-Z solutions. Download

Learn More about Best Practices

Rigorous Study by McREL International – Raz-Plus meets ESSA’s highest standards: that’s the outstanding result of this rigorous study across 39 classrooms. Download

Learn More about Reading to Learn

Milwaukee Public Schools Case Study – This study used Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids for supplemental and intervention literacy instruction in an urban school district. Download

Learn More about Literacy Instruction


Best Practices for Emergent Readers – This white paper addresses research on foundational literacy areas, including key areas identified as critical for emergent readers. Download

Learn More about Best Practices

Reading to Learn: Going Beyond the Foundations – To help students learn from complex informational text, shift the focus of instruction toward comprehension and analysis of text. Download

Learn More about Reading to Learn

Teaching Science: Scientific Literacy and Inquiry – Scientific literacy requires students to learn about fundamental scientific concepts and practices, terms that this white paper defines and explores. Download

Learn More about Teaching Science

21st Century Skills: Preparing Students for Future Success – Learning A-Z resources promote critical thinking and teamwork, also addressing the crucial 21st century skills described in this white paper. Download

Learn More about 21st Century Skills

English Language Learning: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing in English – Raz-Plus ELL Edition helps English language learners develop speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar skills in English. Download

Learn More about ELL

Exceptional Learners: RtI, Special Education, and Gifted Students – Discussing research on giftedness, RtI, and special education, this paper also describes best practices for teaching exceptional students. Download

Learn More about Exceptional Learners

Learning A-Z Products to Support Learning in Any Environment

“During this tricky season of virtual learning, Raz-Plus has proven to be an invaluable resource. I specifically love having the ability to remotely assign appropriate books to specific students.”
– Justine Kinnaird, Reading Intervention, White Clay School, Kennett Square, PA

Raz-Plus Delivers a Personalized Blended Learning Approach to Literacy

Raz-Plus is a robust, in-depth blended learning literacy solution that delivers differentiated learning that works equally well in the classroom, at home or both. Engage your students with a portal (Kids A-Z) that kids love, allowing them to access books, assignments, and other reading resources anywhere, at any time, from a PC or mobile device. Learn More >

Raz-Plus ELL Edition Provides Research-Based Resources & Teaching Strategies

Raz-Plus ELL Edition is specifically designed to help English language learners achieve success with both social and academic English in the classroom or remote learning. Available with a Raz-Plus subscription, ELL Edition resources are organized in content area topics at varying grade ranges, including integrated grammar and vocabulary support. Learn More >

Raz-Plus Connected Classroom Creates Student-Centered Learning Paths

Raz-Plus Connected Classroom delivers a library of tools and resources curated specifically to provide standards-based learning anytime, anywhere. Available with a subscription to Raz-Plus, Raz-Plus Connected Classroom helps teachers and students create personalized learning pathways. Each student’s experience is differentiated to accelerate learning, bridge learning gaps, and foster social-emotional development. Learn More >

Vocabulary A-Z Connects Vocabulary Instruction to Online Practice

Vocabulary A-Z is a digital solution for helping K-5 students build foundational vocabulary, spelling, and phonics skills to increase reading comprehension. With Vocabulary A-Z, teachers can differentiate vocabulary instruction and practice with premade and customizable word lists, printable and digital lessons, and online game-based activities and quizzes that students love! Learn More >

Science A-Z Puts Science in Every Student's Hands

Science A-Z is an award-winning curriculum resource that blends science and literacy into one captivating K-6 curriculum for classroom, home, or blended learning environments. Delivering thousands of science resources, including multilevel informational texts, science experiments, and hands-on activities, Science A-Z helps students think and act like scientists. Learn More >

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