Six Billion Books Read and Counting!

Thank You to All the Teachers Who Made It Happen...

Congratulations—and thank you—to all the teachers and students who use Learning A-Z products every day. Together, you have reached an amazing milestone. You have now surpassed 6 billion books read on Raz-Kids and Raz-Plus! Yes, we said 6 BILLION!

We are honored that our books are being used to transform the lives of young learners every day. We owe it all to the dedication of educators like you who continue to advance literacy and prepare the emerging generations who will shape our world. We sincerely thank you for everything you do!

What do 6 billion books actually look like?

To illustrate exactly how big your accomplishment is, we came up with a few ways to help you visualize what 6 billion books look like in the following infographic.

six billion Raz-Plus and Raz-Kids books read infographic

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