How Learning A-Z Helps You Balance Teaching and Technology

According to an August 2017 article in The Edvocate, not all educators have completely embraced the digital transformations occurring at school districts across the country. Emerging educational technologies—like cloud computing and mobile learning—must be balanced with the pedagogical expertise that all teachers bring to the classroom.

Learning A-Z understands the needs of teachers and the quickly changing technological landscape of education, and our products make it easier for educators to strike the perfect balance between intuitive expertise and edtech advancements. By giving teachers the flexibility they need with digital resources that respond to a spectrum of learning styles and needs, Learning A-Z empowers teachers and students to use technology in ways that build success in the classroom and beyond.

Centering the Teacher

All too often, educators are concerned that mobile learning, gamification, and tablet computing will take over the role of the teacher. However, with the flexibility of Learning A-Z products, a teacher can choose to what extent he/she includes technology in the classroom and determines the role that it will play. With Raz-Plus leveled books and resources, teachers can print books, use projectables for whole-class reading instruction, create multi-day lessons with Project-Based Learning Packs, while also assigning eBooks for students to read at home. In this way, teachers can choose how to use technology in the classroom while allowing students opportunities to reinforce reading skills outside the classroom.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

While teachers already have a repertoire of strategies and best practices to use with a wide range of learners—from ELLs and gifted students, to students with disabilities—technology can supplement positive teacher interactions by giving students extra time and exposure to skills they need to practice, in the way that they need to practice them. Raz-Plus eTools are a great way to engage a wide range of learning styles. For example, auditory learners can listen to audio eBooks, while visual learners benefit from printable graphic organizers and eTools for highlighting and annotating eBooks.

Subject Area Connections

Due to the rising demands of cross-curricular teaching, more teachers are looking for educational solutions that combine literacy and content-area instruction. Technology is great way to connect and manage instruction across subject areas like science, writing, reading, and test-taking skills. With Learning A-Z’s kid-friendly eLearning environment, Kids A-Z, teachers can assign digital and print activities and monitor progress from one easy-to-navigate platform. With Kids A-Z, teachers still have the power to assign activities depending on student learning levels to ensure students get equal skill practice across subject areas.

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