What is Learning A-Z?

Your Partner in Student Success

With flexible, leveled products from Learning A-Z, it’s easier than ever to help your students reach their learning goals. Learning A-Z can adapt to any classroom to support instruction in reading, writing, vocabulary, science, and test-taking skills. By keeping your instructional needs in mind, Learning A-Z provides resources that empower your teaching and support all students. Watch the video above to see what makes Learning A-Z a strong partner in your classroom.

At Learning A-Z, we create research-based PreK-6 learning resources that empower teachers and engage students around the world. We help students become proficient readers. Supporting flexible whole-class, small-group, and one-to-one teacher-led instruction, making reading practice more accessible and personalized, adapting instruction and support for each student, and assessing and reporting student progress to inform future instruction.

We help students improve communication skills. Providing an array of lessons and other teacher support tools, supporting students with process and creative writing instruction, and improving students’ vocabulary through context and collaboration.

We help students develop scientific literacy. Integrating science into daily reading curriculum, providing hands-on learning opportunities with affordable household items, and making science accessible to students wherever they are.

We guide student success on test day and beyond. Making it possible to provide meaningful, grade-appropriate practice, replicating high-stakes test questions to improve students’ stamina and confidence, while teaching close reading, critical thinking, and effective test-taking strategies.

We support all students, at all levels. Providing a wealth of content and resources for all learning levels, offering resources in multiple world languages and ELL teaching tools, and supporting intervention techniques that help students reach their full potentials.

We provide ongoing support. Delivering implementation and professional learning opportunities like webinars, a dedicated representative for each account, and self-paced eLearning modules.

We are partners in your success. Let’s create a brighter future together.

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