Growing Proficient Readers Through Raz-Plus

Part 1 - A Better Path to Blended Learning

What does it mean for a student to be a proficient reader? Proficient readers can not only decode sound-letter arrangements, they can also put sounds into words, understand word meanings, and how words combine to create meaning.

The Stages of Reading Proficiency

Raz-Plus builds proficient readers by helping students develop skills at every learning level. Raz-Plus resources are developed for 29 reading levels, ensuring that you can find the right lesson plan, activity, or book for all of your students. Access free samples of Raz-Plus' leveled resources.

early emergent level raz-plus

At the early emergent level, students begin to learn sound/symbol relationships as they develop phonological awareness skills and recognize phonemes, syllables, and rhyme.

emergent level raz-plus

Students moving up to the emergent level learn to identify high-frequency words, and they develop an understanding of the alphabet, early phonics, and phonological awareness.

early fluency level raz-plus

As students transition from the emergent level to early fluency, they focus on decoding the meanings of groups of words, sentences, and passages.

fluent level raz-plus

Fluent readers can read to learn, and they read with greater expression and confidence in multiple genres about a variety of topics.

Growing Proficient Readers

The key to growing proficient readers is blending teacher-led instruction, independent student practice, assessment, and reporting. Raz-Plus' interactive, digital platform blends these components to put students on the path to learning success. Download free samples of our blended learning resources.

Students Raising Their Hands

Teacher-Led Instruction

Effective teaching is fundamental to guiding students to reading proficiency, and Raz-Plus has tools that ensure instruction reaches all students. Raz-Plus’ technology-enhanced features, like projectable leveled books with interactive text mark-up tools, make it easier for teachers to model reading and critical thinking strategies.

independent practice blended path

Independent Practice

With Raz-Plus, students can build upon teacher-led instruction with independent practice that helps them gain reading confidence and take charge of their own learning. Raz-Plus’ leveled printable, projectable, and digital resources include eBooks, quizzes, and activity sheets. This array of materials provides learner-centered practice for students at all levels. Students working independently have 24/7 access to a variety of level-appropriate texts.

Strategic Assessment Scoring

Strategic Assessment

With printable and online assessments and quizzes that promote critical thinking and close reading, Raz-Plus can be used to place students at the appropriate reading level and evaluate students’ progress toward proficiency. The Raz-Plus teacher portal displays student scores and allows you to personalize messages to students.

detailed reporting blended path

Detailed Reporting

As students practice independently and complete targeted assessments, Raz-Plus allows you to create detailed reports that show how individual students and the class as a whole are advancing in reading proficiency. Raz-Plus’ reporting options include data about student activity that helps you identify students’ learning gaps and plan future instruction that addresses those gaps.

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