5 Reasons Why Your ELLs Will Love Raz-Plus ELL

Use Raz-Plus ELL with your English language learners (ELL) to customize reading options for every learning level. Raz-Plus provides a leveled online library for learners from all backgrounds and ability levels, and Raz-Plus ELL consists of resources designed specifically for students learning English. Because all Raz-Plus leveled books and resources are available online, students can complete activities 24/7, wherever they are. There are many reasons why your ELLs will love using Raz-Plus ELL, but here are the top 5.

Raz-Plus ELL fluency practice read book out loud features

1. Read Out Loud

Raz-Plus allows your English language learners to gain confidence through fluency practice. When students choose a leveled book to read, they can listen to an audio version first. As the program reads the book out loud, it also highlights words as they’re being spoken so students can connect spoken and written English.

Raz-Plus audio books are a great way for students to hear correct English pronunciation. When students are ready to read books out loud, they can record themselves reading and send you a recording to grade fluency. The ability to listen to audio books, hear correct pronunciation, and practice pronunciation with read-alouds increases an ELL’s confidence with reading fluency.

level up reading level in Raz-Plus ELL Edition

2. Level Up!

All students—including ELLs—read at their own unique ability level. Raz-Plus has books at 29 different reading levels, so students can read high-interest texts that are right for them. Using Kids A-Z, students can take quizzes on a specific number of texts at a particular reading level. When they master that reading level, they "Level Up!" to continue honing their skills. In addition to the satisfaction of seeing their reading level increase, students will also love the Kids A-Z digital incentives and rewards. Students can earn points with each activity and use those points to build a Raz Rocket with colorful gadgets or to personalize their own robot avatar.

Raz-Plus French and Spanish translated books

3. Language Translations

Of the 2,000+ leveled eBooks on Raz-Plus, a large portion of them are translated into Spanish, French, Polish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. As of September 2017, there are 992 translated Spanish books; 450 French books; 195 Polish books; 195 Ukrainian books; and, 93 Vietnamese books. Students who speak these languages at home will benefit from additional home language practice that builds bilingual literacy.

ELL Vocabulary Power Packs and Vocabulary Books

4. Digital Vocabulary Activities

ELL Vocabulary Power Packs and Vocabulary Books engage students in meaningful interactions with academic and social vocabulary. Vocabulary Power Packs offer differentiated instruction with three levels of text accompanied by vocabulary images. Available online 24/7, Power Packs build academic vocabulary and content-area knowledge by focusing on an overarching topic and four related subtopics. Vocabulary Books emphasize content-based themes, and their patterned texts encourage student participation.

ELL Content Picture Packs

5. ELL Content Picture Packs

You can take advantage of research-based lessons and your students will enjoy images and printable charts for guided in-class instruction. ELL Content Picture Packs structure activities for building content-area background knowledge, expanding social and academic vocabulary, and they encourage shared writing, independent writing, and critical thinking discussion.

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