How Learning A-Z Supports English Language Learners

Learning A-Z provides effective, research-based resources that provide ELLs with opportunities to practice reading, speaking, writing, and listening in English. Our reading comprehension products, Reading A-Z and Raz-Plus, are correlated to WIDA, TESOL, and ELPA1 language proficiency standards, but we have more products that also feature targeted ELL resources. Read on for more information about how our reading, writing, and science literacy products can help your ELLs strengthen their English language skills.

Science A-Z

Science A-Z inspires active inquiry and hands-on explorations of STEM concepts. ELLs will also enjoy engaging with these concepts by reading Science A-Z’s Nonfiction books in four domains: Life Science, Earth and Space, Physical Science, and Process Science. All of these books are available with Spanish translations, so native Spanish-speaking students can learn critical background knowledge in their home language and then apply skills in science activities. Other literacy materials, such as FOCUS Books, Investigation Packs, Career Files, Quick Reads, and Science in the News are available in three levels of difficulty so ELL students can choose appropriate texts for their learning needs. With Science A-Z resources available in digital form, students can access learning materials on a laptop, iPad, or a mobile device. Students can also listen to the eBooks being read out loud to better understand pronunciation and develop listening skills.

Writing A-Z

While Raz-Plus and Reading A-Z help students hone reading, speaking, and listening skills, Writing A-Z is the perfect place for ELLs to practice writing. Writing A-Z’s resources support writing in a variety of genres and are differentiated for Beginning, Early Developing, Developing, and Fluent levels. These resources allow ELLs to complete assignments within their appropriate language level. In addition to leveled resources, Writing A-Z also features an ELL Guide that corresponds to Writing A-Z’s Process Writing lessons. The ELL Guide outlines objectives for teaching writing to ELLs and offers practical, holistic strategies that ensure your ELLs get the most out of writing activities and lessons.


Headsprout is an adaptive, online reading program that takes non-readers and beginning readers to a mid-2nd grade reading level with 30 hours of instruction. Because of its special focus on phonics, phonological awareness, fluency, and phonemic awareness, it is ideal for ELL students who can benefit from individual practice with listening to correct pronunciation and decoding letter/sound connections. Each colorful episode challenges students to build upon skills they have practiced before, and the program adjusts to students’ progress, ensuring that students advance episodes only when they demonstrated skill mastery.

Our ELL resources can complement any curriculum and engage ELLs in a variety of language learning activities.

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