6 Things to Know About Raz-Plus ELL

Teaching English as a second language is a challenge, but Raz-Plus ELL can help! Raz-Plus ELL provides targeted resources to increase your ELLs' proficiency in speaking, reading, listening, and writing that helps them hone in on the language skills they need to achieve success both inside and outside the classroom. Here are 6 things you need to know before you get started.

1. Targeted ELL Resources

Raz-Plus ELL provides a wealth of targeted ELL resources to guide ELLs in practicing key speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. These resources include:

  • Leveled Reader Packs that structure vocabulary, grammar, speaking and writing support with engaging texts and multi-day lesson plans.
  • Content Picture Packs that help students learn essential vocabulary with colorful, detailed illustrations and guided lesson plans.
  • Vocabulary Books that develop students’ Tier 2 and 3 academic and social language skills.
  • Assessments that track students’ language learning progress and provide in-depth information about students’ development in speaking, reading, listening, and writing.
  • Language Skill Packs that offer content-based materials to support student progress in math, foundational skills, science, language arts, social studies, and social and instructional language.
  • Vocabulary Power Packs that provide digital activities where students practice content-based vocabulary with clear definitions, engaging images, and discussion questions that encourage making real-world connections.

2. Social Learning Opportunities

Including Raz-Plus’ variety of instructional materials, Raz-Plus ELL allows you to take advantage of dynamic reading activities that reinforce social language learning. Equipped with Project-Based Learning Packs, Close Reading Packs, and Comprehension Skill Packs, this solution is ideal for student collaboration by encouraging critical reading and discussion of possible solutions to a reading-related problem. Because these packs include readings for all ability levels, your ELLs can develop their social English language skills while learning from their peers.

3. World Language Translations

When ELLs can read fluently and confidently in their native language, they can more easily understand English. With more than 100 authentic Spanish books, over 1,200 Spanish books, and over 400 French books, Raz-Plus ELL provides many opportunities for ELLs to gain content knowledge in their native language while practicing foundational English language skills such as developing phonological awareness and decoding letter-sound connections.

4. Leveled Books for All ELLs

Every ELL learns at a different level and pace, which is why Raz-Plus ELL provides leveled materials that are appropriate for practicing foundational, intermediate, and advanced literacy skills. Offering 2,000 printable, projectable, and digital books, this solution provides content about a variety of high-interest topics for every ability level. From Graphic, Comic, and Humor books to suspenseful Serial Books with recurring colorful characters, your ELL students will be sure to find a book they enjoy to meet their ability and interest levels.

5. Curricular Correlations

Raz-Plus ELL correlates to WIDA, TESOL, and ELPA1 standards, as its resources are designed with these language proficiency standards in mind to be sure that every lesson addresses critical language learning needs.

6. Assessment and Monitoring

With digital options for assigning activities, you can make sure students are practicing critical language skills. The Raz-Plus ELL  assignments feature allows you to assign digital resources to the whole class, small groups, or individual students. After you have assigned resources, you can monitor student progress, at both an individual and classroom level, and can filter by skill level to evaluate how your classroom has progressed in a particular skill.

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