5 Ways To Use Raz-Plus Data for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Part 5 – A Better Path to Blended Learning

Did you know Raz-Plus can help you efficiently prepare for parent-teacher conferences? Here are 5 ways that Raz-Plus report features can inform your conversations with parents, along with downloadable samples of our printable Benchmark Assessments that can give you additional data to share with parents.

1. Parent Access

If parents don’t already have access to their child’s account, take a moment during your conference to sign them up so they can see their child’s progress. Once parents are signed up, they can monitor their child’s reading activity and quiz scores.

2. Running Records

Use a student’s running record assessments from the beginning to the end of the year to show parents how their child’s fluency has improved. You can even let the parents listen to the recordings to hear a comparison of their child’s progress in reading fluency.

Raz-Plus student running record

3. Progress Level Chart

Clicking on the Level Progress tab results in a chart showing how a student’s reading has progressed through Learning A-Z reading levels. You can help parents visualize a student’s reading progress by using a drop down menu to see progress for a particular time period.

Raz-Plus progress level chart

4. Reading Rate Progress

Throughout the year, students have submitted recordings of themselves reading leveled books out loud, and these recordings are analyzed to get data for number of words correct per minute. You can show parents a chart that illustrates the changes in a student’s accuracy and reading rate.

5. Messages

You can log in as a student to show parents the messages that you have sent to their child. This shows parents a record of your communications regarding assignments and reading skill development. Invite parents to send encouraging messages to their children through the parent access portal, too!

Now that you have some helpful tips for using Raz-Plus data, download a complimentary Benchmark Assessment.

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