The Kids A-Z Student Experience

Part 3 – A Better Path to Blended Learning

As technology continues to impact every aspect of education, it’s more important than ever to leverage technology to keep students engaged. The Kids A-Z student-centered online learning platform is ideal for blended learning classrooms because it keeps students engaged with learning inside and outside the classroom, and allows teachers to monitor progress and personalize materials for all students.

When students work in the Kids A-Z learning environment, they access materials online that make learning fun and rewarding. Here are 5 features that define the Kids A-Z student experience.


When students first log in to Kids A-Z, they can access all the Learning A-Z products that their teachers have signed them up for, including Headsprout, Raz-Plus, Raz-Kids, Science A-Z, and Writing A-Z. Students only need to log into Kids A-Z to access leveled materials and activities from these products. Each product that a student has access to is represented by a planet icon on the Kids A-Z dashboard, where students can navigate from product to product to complete online activities. For example, when a student has access to Raz-Plus or Raz-Kids, they click on the “Reading” planet to begin their activities.

Kids A-Z student dashboard

Kids A-Z also brings together classroom lessons and at-home practice. Teachers can give parents and guardians access to their child’s Kids A-Z account so parents can view their child’s progress and skill reports. With parent and guardian access options, Kids A-Z integrates family members into a student’s skill development so they can stay informed about their child’s reading activities.

Accessible 24/7

Through Kids A-Z, students have 24/7 access to eBooks and other eResources, no matter where they are. The Kids A-Z interactive online platform allows students to read eBooks, take eQuizzes, or complete other activities at home, at school, on their iPad, laptop, or mobile phone. Students can log in anytime, anywhere, to complete assignments and read high-interest eBooks.


Because every student learns at a different pace, Kids A-Z holds grade-appropriate materials and resources that are chosen to fit a students’ learning level. While the teacher assigns each student a level based on benchmark assessments, Kids A-Z allows students to browse an extensive library of leveled resources and choose grade-appropriate eBooks that interest them. As a learning platform that gives students access to developmentally-appropriate eResources, Kids A-Z facilitates a personalized learning experience and helps students build independence and self-confidence.


Kids A-Z is a dynamic entry point for activities that challenge students to apply skills introduced in the classroom. Here are some of the things students can do with each of our products through the Kids A-Z online learning platform:

Headsprout: Students journey through a gameified environment that adapts to their learning level as they practice reading comprehension skills.

Raz-Plus: Students practice active reading strategies as they listen to eBooks being read out loud, record themselves reading out loud, and use digital tools for annotating, stamping, and highlighting.

Raz-Kids: With eBooks at 29 different reading levels, students can read and take eQuizzes on high-interest topics.

Science A-Z: Students read multilevel eBooks, complete eQuizzes, and watch videos to build knowledge in Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and Process Science.

Writing A-Z: Students can write their own digital book, follow step-by-step guides for process writing activities, and publish short compositions to the virtual classroom writer’s wall.


These interactive functions are complemented by a rewards system that keeps students motivated to learn. In the Kids A-Z Star Zone, students can customize a robot avatar and space rocket using the stars earned from completing activities. With these digital rewards, students stay motivated to continue reading and completing assignments. When students have access to Raz-Kids or Raz-Plus, they can also take advantage of the My Stats feature, which tracks a student’s progress on specific reading skills so students can visualize how they have improved over time.

Ready to explore more blended learning resources?

Raz-Plus, Raz-Kids and Science A-Z have high-interest, leveled books that your students will love reading inside or outside the classroom. Click the link below to get free samples of these books and more information about other products your students can access through the interactive Kids A-Z eLearning platform.

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