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The Perfect Complement to Your Core Curriculum

As an educator, your core curriculum is a key source of guidance on your teaching journey, but is it enough? Many educators have expressed that they feel their core curriculum falls short in providing a wide range of reading materials. Outside of the lack of material, teachers have also expressed that the core curriculum:

  • Cannot address students on differentiated reading levels
  • Does not meet the needs of all students
  • Does not provide diverse books to support classroom requirements

While the core curriculum is a key component of an educator’s instructional journey, there are still quite a few missing puzzle pieces.

With Raz-Plus, you can make reading accessible for all students, as it includes a vast library of thousands of high-quality, diverse books and passages to meet every student’s interests, reading level, and learning needs.

“I love Raz-Plus and so do my students. They are unstoppable during our reading time, they just want to read and read and they don’t want to leave the classroom.”

With the plethora of content available in Raz-Plus, this solution is the perfect complement to your core curriculum! Take a look at the interactive digital library below for a sample of the compelling reading materials available within Raz-Plus! Click on each book sample to review a summary, and be sure to sign up for a free trial to access all the books available within Raz-Plus.

Genres to Accommodate Student Interests

Within Raz-Plus you will find over 6,000 books, passages, and visual devices that will engage students in a variety of topics. These topics include:

  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Content Area (Art, Math, Science, Social Studies)
  • Graphic Books
  • Alphabet
  • Decodables
  • Social-Emotional Learning
“Thank you, Learning A-Z, for adding a diverse range of books for our students!”

Flexible, Engaging Reading Resources

We know that flexibility is an absolute must for teachers, as the learning environment has certainly evolved! Raz-Plus offers the flexibility you need to accommodate your students’ learning journeys regardless of their learning location. Offering books that are projectable, printable, and digitally assignable, your students are sure to have access to a variety of tangible and online tools to keep their reading journeys on track.

What This Allows Educators To Do

With Raz-Plus, educators are truly able to fill in the gaps found within their core curriculum. As you may know, meeting students where they are can be quite difficult as an educator. Responsible for the learning journeys of often more than 20-25 kids per classroom, educators might feel like it's impossible to gauge both the reading levels and the interest levels of each student in their classes, making differentiating instruction a difficult task. As a result, students may get assigned reading materials that are of no interest to them, convincing them that reading itself simply may not be for them. To remedy this issue, Raz-Plus enables teachers and students to personalize the reading experience with interesting books that meet students' specific literacy needs. This allows educators to:

  • Support students at their own pace
  • Engage all students based on their interests and allow them to expand their perspectives
  • Assign the right books for productive work stations or independent reading practice
  • Encourage students and build a joy for reading

Complement Your Core Curriculum With Raz-Plus

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