Pursuing Comprehensive Literacy

Reinforcing the Bond Between Reading and Writing

Did you know that better writers have proven to be better readers? Writing instruction has the potential to enhance reading proficiency by improving how well a reader is able to comprehend a specific content area or a text they have already read, according to a report published by the Alliance for Excellent Education¹.

There is a huge opportunity for growth, as national reading scores have decreased by three points for fourth-grade students in comparison to 2019, according to the 2022 NAEP Reading Assessment². Good writing instruction has the power to improve both writing and reading skills, promoting comprehensive literacy for all students.

To help you strengthen literacy in your classroom, school, or district, we asked our team of experts to share their best tips and tricks for reinforcing the bond between reading and writing, and explain why it’s so important in K-5 education.

Webinar: Reading + Writing = A Recipe for Comprehensive Literacy

Successfully reciprocating reading and writing instruction while developing sound comprehension is essential to achieving literacy success. During this free, on-demand webinar, our team of experts will share actionable strategies for achieving comprehensive literacy with ease.

Meet Our Team of Experts

Sandi Reyes
Sr. National Curriculum Consultant
Learning A-Z

Nicole Nelson
National Curriculum Consultant
Learning A-Z

Marsha Ganz
Sr. Learning Designer
Learning A-Z

Maria Lowenstein
Sr. Learning Designer
Learning A-Z

What to Expect During This Event

This webinar will be filled to the brim with helpful information to strengthen comprehensive literacy, including:

  • How strengthening reading and writing proficiency can accomplish key learning goals
  • How Scarborough’s Reading Rope and the Writing Rope weave together to form comprehensive literacy
  • How to apply these concepts and fit it all into your busy workday
  • Free resources that you can start using in your classroom today

Enhance Comprehensive Literacy

Learn how to use reading and writing to promote comprehensive literacy. Register for this on-demand webinar and sign up for a free trial to see how Learning A-Z makes teaching easier and learning more fun.

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