It’s Time to Address The Elephant in the Classroom

Low Literacy Scores Nationwide Persist

Only 1/3 of students are reading at proficient or advanced levels. Despite significant efforts by teachers, schools, districts, and states, there has been next to no reading comprehension improvements in the past 37 years. Remote learning, as a result of the pandemic, has only exacerbated the situation.

“A majority of 4th grade students are reading below grade level.”
– 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

Let’s Start The Conversation

Learning A-Z spoke with top literacy experts to better understand the elephant in the classroom and how to address these challenges using evidence-based research as a guide. They offer concrete recommendations for improving literacy so you can make a difference in your students’ reading skills.

Get Expert Advice On How To Improve Literacy

Dr. Timothy Rasinski
Professor of Literacy Education, Kent State University

Most students are reading below grade level, but with more artful (as well as scientific) reading instruction that engages students through song, poetry, and performance, we can improve literacy for all students.


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Dr. Jilliam Joe
Educational Research Consultant

With a wide range of proficiencies and needs in every classroom, edtech and professional development are vital in helping teachers take a student-centered approach, differentiating instruction, and setting students up for success.


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Dr. Jan Burkins
Co-Author of Shifting the Balance

Research has shown that many children struggle with reading, and literacy rates continue to lag behind year after year. In order to make progress, we have to make shifts in instructional practices.


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Kari Yates
Co-Author of Shifting the Balance

As we consider the shifts to practice that will help improve student literacy, we also need to ensure there is adequate support for teachers’ well-being and professional development.


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Jordan Snyder
1st Grade Teacher/Principal at Collaboratory Prep Academy

Students are under a lot of pressure right now, leading to a lack of motivation, but teachers can help by making learning more fun and engaging and helping students apply the skills they acquire in the classroom to real life.


Our Students Deserve Better, And We’re Committed to Providing It

Research shows that all students benefit from explicit and systematic foundational skills instruction, as identified in the Science of Reading. Curriculum based on the Science of Reading has proven effective in increasing student literacy.


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