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Teaching in today’s modern world can be hard, but with Learning A-Z, teaching just got easier! Providing high-quality resources, research-based solutions, and flexible educational materials, Learning A-Z truly is an essential companion for any classroom.

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Making Teaching Easier for Teachers

Learning A-Z Products

Setting Teachers Up for Success

Enjoy research-based, standards-aligned programs that save you time with pre-made lesson plans and curated resource collections.

Teacher at Computer

Anticipating Teachers' Needs

Effortlessly support culturally responsive teaching methods and the development of social-emotional learning while promoting literacy.

Learning A-Z Professional Development

Easy Implementation and Support

Experience support during each phase of your teaching journey with a variety of professional development resources at your fingertips.

Making Learning More Fun for Students

Teacher Helping Students on Computers

Students Succeed While Having Fun

Promote comprehensive literacy development while making learning fun.

Student Portal

Student-Friendly eLearning Platform

Equipped with space-themed avatars and adventurous quests, the student portal motivates students to keep learning.

Students on Tablets

A Digital-First Approach to Learning

Students can access a vast library of digital books and resources anytime, anywhere, on any device.

On-Demand Webinar

Reading + Writing = A Recipe for Comprehensive Literacy­

Help your students read like writers and write like readers

Successfully reciprocating reading and writing instruction while developing sound comprehension is essential to achieving literacy success, but very hard to do in the classroom. We have a secret - it’s possible to do it and do it well.


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Empowering Educators. Engaging Students.

Our in-house experts show some of the tools and features within Learning A-Z products that make it easy to teach and even more fun to learn.

Easy to Teach. Fun to Learn. Preview

Getting Started With Learning A-Z: Rostering Your Students

Enhancing Instruction With Premade Lesson Plans and Resource Packs

Boosting Student Engagement With The Student Portal

Confidently Deliver Instruction With Embedded Professional Development

Informing Instruction With Detailed Reporting

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Spanish & ELL

Spanish and ELL PreK-6 Education Solution

Essential to Every Classroom

From lesson plans to engaging resources based on the latest research, you can be sure that Learning A-Z offers everything you and your students need to succeed. Experience the difference in your classroom with a free 14-day trial today!


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