Make Planning Summer School a Breeze

Learning A-Z Can Help Solve Your Summer School Challenges

Preparing for summer school is challenging. Educators have less planning time, are working around unfamiliar classroom resources, and typically have to deal with last-minute staffing changes. For many students who are attending summer school, receiving personalized instruction and differentiated resources is imperative to their academic growth. Oftentimes, a student is attending summer school because they need additional one-on-one time with a teacher, tailored instruction to address areas of weakness, and resources that are differentiated to their unique reading levels. The importance for teachers to maximize their time with students and diminish time misplaced searching for resources is critical during all times of the year, but especially for summer school.

Raz-Plus to the Rescue

Raz-Plus can save you time and make it easy to hit the ground running when preparing for summer school. Raz-Plus combines the beloved resources of Reading A-Z, with the digital learning portal in Raz-Kids. With access to more than 50,000 reading resources, including an extensive collection of leveled books, quizzes, lesson plans, and collaborative activities, Raz-Plus is a comprehensive blended learning platform that is perfect for creating a summer school curriculum.

Raz-Plus Delivers Everything You Need for Summer

Flexible, Ready-to-Implement Lessons
Summer School Theme Packs provide teachers all the materials they need to deliver skill-based, differentiated instruction that can be easily adapted to your summer school setting.

Differentiated Resources to Close Skills Gap
Raz-Plus Leveled Books, available at 29 levels, enable teachers to differentiate reading instruction and practice to help struggling students close the skills gap.

Consistency Across Your Summer Program
Use the organization and collaboration tools in Raz-Plus to select a consistent list of books and resources, and easily share them with all teachers in your district.

Online Access for Students
Raz-Plus combines Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids, giving your teachers the ability to personalize summer reading in class and at home. They’ll also be able to track student progress with online assessments and reporting.

Wide Variety of Ways to Engage Students
With more than 50,000 resources, Raz-Plus includes many other time-saving ways for teachers to engage students in high-interest topics that target specific literacy skills.

Solve Your Summer Curriculum Challenges

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