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New Year – New Raz-Plus Updates

Streamline Data Analysis and Collaboration

Raz-Plus has added new features and resources to help you kick-start the new year! We have continued to improve the way Raz-Plus allows you to share resources and collaborate with fellow educators, while also augmenting the way you monitor student data. Don’t forget to check out the newly added Close Reading Passages and Spanish Close Read Packs, as well as updates to the Teacher Corner!

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Enhanced File Cabinet

Enhanced File Cabinet Feature in Raz-Plus

The Raz-Plus File Cabinet makes collaboration a breeze by giving you the ability to organize, save, assign, and share your favorite resources. New folder sharing options now allow you to share with your district, your school, or specific teachers at your school.

Skill Report Updates

Raz-Plus Skill Report Updates

A new First Attempt tab has been added to the Skill Report. Navigating between the First Attempt and Overall Score tabs now makes it easier to monitor progress, either by skill or by student. In addition, you can now view the Skill Report by group.

New Close Read Passages

New Raz-Plus Close Read Passages

Raz-Plus Close Read Passages are thematically linked with a leveled book, giving students an opportunity to make connections between multiple texts. We’ve added 25 Fiction and 25 Nonfiction Close Read Passages, and will be adding more soon.

New Spanish Close Reading Packs

Spanish Close Reading Packs in Raz-Plus

Raz-Plus now offers Spanish Close Reading Packs for grades 2-4, which include translated versions of our Close Read Passages, as well as Spanish Student Response Sheets and Teaching Tips. Packs for additional grades are coming soon.

Digitally Assign Spanish Benchmark Passages

Digitally Assign Spanish Benchmark Passages in Raz-Plus

Raz-Plus Spanish Benchmark Passages are short, leveled passages written in authentic Spanish, that you can use to identify your students' instructional reading levels. You are now able to digitally assign these passages to students.

Teacher Corner Refresh

Raz-Plus Teacher Corner Refresh

We’ve expanded and reorganized the Teacher Corner to make it easier to find the information you need. Plus, we’ve added a Professional Development section, so you can quickly access resources to help you get the most out of your Raz-Plus subscription.

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