Certificates for Summer School Motivation

Customizable Rewards to Motivate Students

As swimming pools, road trips, and barbeques beckon, students' attention can drift to everything but reading and writing. Even students with strong intrinsic motivations during the school year may feel their determination wane during summer school. Luckily, Learning A-Z has the resources you need to acknowledge your students' summer achievements and give them tangible reminders of their progress. Our certificates can encourage student learning and keep them on track for the fall semester, and they can be used in alignment with Reading A-Z, Writing A-Z, and Science A-Z in-class products, as well as Raz-Kids digital resources.

Personalize Your Awards

Learning A-Z has a variety of blank certificates that allow you to personalize a student's award for mastering a particular skill or advancing learning levels. These blank certificates can be individualized according to unit objectives and activities. Use our certificates to recognize your students' summer school achievements and congratulate them on their progress. We also carry awards for completion, such as the Award of Achievement, which can be customized for each student and his/her summer accomplishments.

Appreciation Certificates

As students complete reading and writing lessons over the summer, they may have benefited from the help of a parent, tutor or mentor. Encourage your students to show their appreciation for that special person who has guided them through summer school. We offer certificates for students to write as thank you's to parents, tutors or mentors who have helped them achieve their summer school goals.

Start Using Incentives Today!

The following customizable certificates and thank you's are available for download today: Teacher's Apple, Reading Star, Award of Achievement, Bookworm, Teachergram, and “Thank You” kudos card.

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