Introducing NWEA MAP Growth Instructional Connection in Raz-Plus

High stakes testing or interim assessments can generate student performance data that’s difficult for teachers to act on – or expose skill and knowledge gaps that teachers can struggle to find resources to address. Student progress data, often delivered in a silo and challenging to utilize, doesn’t help teachers plan instruction. That’s why Learning A-Z creates resources that correlate directly to state and international curriculum standards, popular curricula and reading series, and major assessments.

We’re committed to saving teachers time and making it easier for educators to find appropriate literacy resources – so we're excited about this opportunity to partner with NWEA. This partnership will help educators leverage assessment data and transform it into actionable next steps. NWEA is a globally trusted organization supporting students and educators around the world with assessment solutions that precisely measure growth and proficiency, while providing educators with insights to help tailor instruction.

If your school or district administers NWEA growth assessments, the new NWEA MAP Growth Instructional Connection feature in Raz-Plus delivers targeted resources and instructional support to help educators take the right steps to address students’ identified skill gaps and drive learning gains.

Targeted Reading Practice

Accessible within Raz-Plus in one simple location, the NWEA MAP Growth Instructional Connection feature makes it easy to access Raz-Plus books and passages in the correct Lexile range. Based on each student’s RIT score to ensure they’re developmentally appropriate, these texts are perfect for additional independent reading practice or for small group work.

Skills Intervention

The NWEA MAP Growth Instructional Connection helps educators target specific reading skills and address identified knowledge gaps in the areas of reading comprehension, reading strategies, vocabulary, and fluency. Scaffolded instructional support is provided for each reading skill, making it convenient for educators to differentiate instruction based on each student’s MAP Growth percentile rank. Pair the scaffolded instruction with a leveled nonfiction or fiction Raz-Plus text for a comprehensive solution.

Our partnership with NWEA empowers teachers to maximize their impact in the classroom, with standards-aligned resources and differentiated instructional support to help students achieve powerful learning gains and succeed in reading.

See how your students can benefit from our partnership with NWEA.

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