And the Winner of the Fall 2022 Star Donation Challenge Is…

Celebrating Literacy Development & Global Impact

When we come together, we have the power to make a significant impact on our communities and those in need around the world. Here at Learning A-Z, our students have demonstrated this power by participating in the 2022 Learning A-Z Star Donation Challenge. During this time, students were able to donate the stars they’ve earned toward healthy meals and clean water, and the impact they made was incredible!

Students who participated in the fall 2022 Learning A-Z Star Donation Challenge:

Donated 900 Million Stars

Made 108K Total Donations

Donated 41K Healthy meals

Donated 730K days of clean water

As you can see, students who participated in this challenge were eager to help their communities, but the benefits they experienced were even more impressive. Students that participated in the Learning A-Z Star Donation Challenge also:

  • Read 3x as many books
  • Completed 4x as many activities
  • Achieved reading gains even faster

And The Winner is…

We are so proud of all that our students have accomplished this year and are excited to announce and congratulate the top donating classroom and this year’s winner. Drumroll please! The winner of this year’s Learning A-Z Star Donation Challenge is the Grade 5 Boys at Emirates National Schools located in Ras Al Khaimah. As the winners of this challenge, these hardworking students received the opportunity to co-author a book with Learning A-Z titled We Are Learners

In this book, students from the winning classroom show us what being a good learner means to them while inspiring other students to practice sound listening skills, social-emotional learning skills, communicational skills, and more. Check out We Are Learners today to encourage and motivate your students to keep learning.

Become a Part of the Movement

The fall 2023 Learning A-Z Star Donation Challenge is right around the corner and you won’t want to miss it. Taking place from October 9 - November 3, this challenge will offer another opportunity to make an impact on the community while accelerating reading development and giving students a chance to win a class pizza party. 

Here’s how it works:

As students read books and complete activities with Learning A-Z, they’ll earn stars that can be used to donate healthy food, clean drinking water, and school supplies to students in need. After the challenge comes to a close, Learning A-Z will make a monetary donation, up to $20,000, on behalf of participating students to support a children’s humanitarian organization that works worldwide. In addition, the top-donating classroom from each U.S. state and D.C., as well as in five different countries, will be rewarded with a pizza party to celebrate their hard work!

Join the Movement

The Learning A-Z Star Donation challenge is the epitome of the phrase “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” as it empowers students to immerse themselves in a world where reading makes a significant impact. During the upcoming 2023 fall Learning A-Z Star Donation Challenge, our students are rising to the challenge of donating 2 billion stars. Ensure that your students can participate by turning on the Incentives feature in your Learning A-Z class roster, downloading the donation kit, and reading We Are Learners today. Or, if you are not yet a Learning A-Z customer, you can still participate by signing up for a free extended trial of a participating Learning A-Z product.

Empower Students, Improve Literacy

Join the fall 2023 Learning A-Z Star Donation Challenge by signing up for a free extended trial of a participating product and read We Are Learners today.

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