Empowering Students to Provide Support to the Children of Ukraine

Another Opportunity to Make An Impact, in Collaboration With UNICEF Kid Power

In March 2022, Learning A-Z students donated 1.8 billion stars to provide 111,899 meals and 1.2 million days of clean drinking water to those in need through the UNICEF Kid Power® donation drive.

Learning A-Z students now have the opportunity to make that kind of impact again, this time for the estimated two-thirds of Ukrainian children who have been displaced from their homes since the start of the war in the region. As of May 8, more than 5.8 million people–90% of whom are children and women–have fled across Ukrainian borders. It is clear that children are at the center of this emergency.1

This week, students can donate the stars they earn by reading books and completing learning activities on Learning A-Z platforms to support UNICEF’s efforts for the children of Ukraine. These efforts include access to education through Early Childhood Development Education Kits. Distributed through UNICEF Blue Dot Hubs and other distribution channels, Early Childhood Development Education Kits contain items such as stuffed animals, toys, games, puzzles, and school supplies, as well as hygiene and caregiver materials.

Located at key points along refugee routes, Blue Dot Hubs provide a safe, welcoming place to rest, play, and simply be a child, at a time when their world has been abruptly turned upside down, and they are facing the trauma of leaving family, friends, and all that is familiar.1

About This Special Donation Week:

  • Students may donate their stars from May 16 to May 20, 2022.
  • 1,000 stars donated by a student = 1 donation toward 1 child’s access to a Kit.
  • For every 50 donations, 1 Ukrainian child will have access to an Early Childhood Development Education Kit.
  • Help us reach 125,000 donations to support UNICEF in providing 2,500 children of Ukraine with access to Early Childhood Development Education Kits.

Through their donations, students are being empowered to make a real-world impact and will experience how amazing it feels when we all work together and help others. Participating in this opportunity strengthens students’ social-emotional learning skills and literacy simultaneously.

Join the impact that you and your students can have on students around the world!

Share how your students are helping! Tag us @LearningAtoZ and use #LearningAtoZ and #UNICEFKidPower on social media.

  1. “UNICEF’s Response for Children in Ukraine and Refugee Outflows,” UNICEF USA, May 2022.

From May 16, 2022 to May 20, 2022, Learning A-Z students will be presented with the option to donate Stars earned in the product to support students in Ukraine. Learning A-Z has partnered with UNICEF Kid Power so that for every 50,000 Stars donated, UNICEF Kid Power will provide a Ukrainian child with access to a kit, up to 2,500 kits (complete official rules).

What is UNICEF Kid Power?

UNICEF Kid Power is a free UNICEF USA program that delivers interactive videos to help children discover how everyday activities like moving and learning can make a difference in the world. To learn more, visit www.UNICEFKidPower.org.

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