Teacher Testimonial: Kathy Lohse

See Why Kathy Lohse and Her Students Love PBL

Changing trends in education challenge teachers to get students involved in critical, creative thinking. Project-Based Learning Packs in Reading A-Z and Raz-Plus are ideal for encouraging higher-order thinking skills through fun projects that feature reading, art, collaboration, and a final presentation. Watch this video to see how Kathy Lohse uses project-based learning to inspire tomorrow’s innovative thinkers and problem solvers.

My name is Kathy Lohse.This is my 35th year of teaching.

Our students have responded very positively to using project-based learning.

These packs give a teacher a lot of information. There's Introduction to Project-Based Learning, there is an engaging text that the students will read. Plus, there are additional ideas and additional resources that teachers can pull from.

Being able to use a project-based learning pack, you go deeper into the reading. You will have opportunities for close reading. They are written and designed for classrooms to use, and to help teachers understand what project-based learning means, and how to implement it in their classrooms. The most beneficial thing as a teacher with these packs is that they are organized. They are creative, they're engaging, and they're easy to use.

What I believe students most love about the project-based learning packs and project-based learning is it helps them understand why they're learning what they're learning. Education's changed. Our students have changed. Our world has changed. I think what these PBL packs do is help engage students, because they are also promoting multimedia, gathering information and using different kinds of media in the development of their projects.

One of the best things I feel about PBL is, it helps students see what they can bring to the table. And artist who may struggle in one area, an academic area, everybody in the classroom knows that person can draw. We have had students from kinder through fifth grade who have struggled in certain learning situations turn around through project-based learning.

On a daily basis, I get asked, "Miss Kathy, is it PBL today?" They're excited. And I say wow, that feels pretty good!

I actually truly believe that through PBL and through the careful design of a project that everybody can shine.

And a student who gets to shine, it will forever change them.

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