Reading A-Z At A Glance

See How Reading A-Z Helps Teachers Differentiate Reading Instruction

Reading A-Z provides a library of resources and tools teachers use to strengthen the reading skills of every student in their class. Watch this video to see how Reading A-Z’s leveled books and additional resources are used to support personalized reading instruction and deliver the assessment and practice students need to become better readers.

What's that word? I don't know. Every student is unique. And every student learns to read in his or her own way.

Reading A-Z is an online teaching product that delivers the resources and tools teachers need to improve the reading skills of every student, at every learning level.

Famous with teachers for its robust library of engaging, developmentally appropriate leveled books, Reading A-Z delivers more than 1,500 fiction and nonfiction books at 29 different reading levels — making it easy to put the right book in every student’s hands.

Each book is available in printable and projectable formats, and comes with a collection of supporting resources, including a lesson plan, worksheets, discussion cards, and more!

In addition, teachers have access to hundreds of resources categorized for targeted reading instruction.

Put simply, Reading A-Z is the top choice for teachers looking to offer the instruction, practice, and assessment students need to become successful readers and successful students.

Way to go!

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