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Raz-Kids is a kids’ reading resource that delivers meaningful practice opportunities for each student with a library of developmentally appropriate books and quizzes that can be accessed in computer-based and mobile formats. Watch this video to see how Raz-Kids helps students improve their reading skills with dynamic anytime, anywhere reading practice.

Literacy is the key to lifelong success. Raz Kids is an award-winning K-5 online reading resource kids use to practice reading and improve their literacy skills, anytime, anywhere.

Students have access to a library of interactive eBooks offered at 29 different levels of reading difficulty.

Each eBook is meticulously created to ensure text complexity and is thoroughly proofed to guarantee quality content you can rely on.

Students access their eBooks in an interactive, kid-friendly environment where they can listen to the content while viewing highlighted words and phrases; read the book at their pace using an assortment of interactive tools and features that promote close reading and critical thinking; and record reading the book to practice and demonstrate fluency; and take a corresponding quiz to check comprehension.

As your students read and pass comprehension quizzes, they advance to a new reading level where they have access to lengthier and more difficult text.

Raz Kids also makes it easy for you to manage all your students’ digital reading. The online teacher management portal provides a number of different reporting options that allow you to easily monitor your students’ reading progress.

Every student needs to practice reading. Raz Kids is the best way to make it fun and engaging.

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