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Raz-Kids is an award-winning digital library of leveled resources for students to use in school, at home, or on the go. Digital reports help inform future instruction. Read up on the research studying Raz-Kids and its effect on reading skills.

ESSA — Proven Results

McREL Study Raz-Plus

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McREL Study Examines Effects of Raz-Plus on Reading Achievement and Motivation

Read about McREL International's rigorous study of the effects of Raz-Plus on reading skills and motivation to read.

Raz-Plus and Reading Achievement in Students in...

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Independent Study: Raz-Plus and Reading Achievement in Students in Grades 3–5

This independent study in a large urban school district compared reading abilities in two student groups: one with Raz-Plus, one without.

Case Studies

Addressing the “Summer Slide” With Raz-Kids and Reading A-Z

This study asks whether at-risk students using Raz-Kids and Reading A-Z can overcome the “summer slide.”

Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids as Part of a District-Wide Literacy Plan

What happens when a large urban school district implements Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids for supplemental and intervention literacy instruction?

Raz-Plus and Early Reading Skills in Kindergarten Students

By including students with low pre-literacy skills, this study informs the field of potential prevention for future reading difficulties.

Raz-Kids and Developmental Reading in First-Grade Students

This case study examined how Raz-Kids impacted reading scores in first-grade students from economically disadvantaged families.

Raz-Plus and Reading Proficiency in a Rural Elementary School

Examining Raz-Plus effects on economically disadvantaged students, this study compared reading proficiency in cohorts four years apart.

More Studies and Publications

Reading Motivation in English Language Learners Using Raz-Plus

Find out whether Raz-Plus affected motivation to read in these fifth-grade students learning English.

Raz-Kids and First Graders’ Reading Comprehension and Fluency

This experiment examined reading comprehension and reading fluency in students with learning disabilities who used Raz-Kids.

Raz-Kids and Reading Accuracy in Second Graders

Second-grade students used Raz-Kids for independent reading practice in this study.

How Raz-Kids Impacts Third Graders’ Reading Comprehension and Attitude Toward Reading

Do students using Raz-Kids show increased reading comprehension and higher motivation to read? Find out in this master's thesis!

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