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Science A-Z provides an award-winning science curriculum combining multilevel lessons with hands-on activities, experiments, and resources addressing all NGSS topics for grades K–5. Learn about the research behind Science A-Z.

Research Base

Reading to Learn: Going Beyond the Foundations

To help students learn from complex informational text, the focus of instruction shifts toward comprehension and analysis of text.

Teaching Science: Scientific Literacy and Inquiry

Scientific literacy requires learning fundamental scientific concepts and practices, terms that this white paper defines and explores.

Exceptional Learners: RtI, Special Education, and Gifted Students

Discussing research on giftedness, RtI, and special education, this paper also describes best practices for teaching exceptional students.

21st Century Skills: Preparing Students for Future Success

Learning A-Z resources promote critical thinking and teamwork, also addressing the crucial 21st century skills described in this white paper.

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A Cambium Learning® Group Brand