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Headsprout provides uniquely adaptive, research-proven online instruction in reading foundations and reading comprehension. Explore our collection of studies to learn more about the research on Headsprout efficacy.

ESSA — Proven Results

Using Headsprout to Teach Early Reading to...

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Using Headsprout to Teach Early Reading and Oral Language to At-Risk Preschoolers

This study examined the role of Headsprout in preschoolers’ language development, including oral language and early literacy.

Randomized Controlled Trial Compares Headsprout...

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Randomized Controlled Trial Compares Headsprout to Supplementary Literacy Instruction

This randomized controlled trial compared Headsprout to specialized literacy instruction provided by the school.

Instructionally Beneficial Gains Headsprout

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Creating Instructionally Beneficial Gains in Reading With Headsprout

What are some of the effects of Headsprout on beginning readers? Read this study to find out.

Randomized Controlled Trial: Headsprout as...

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Randomized Controlled Trial: Headsprout as Supplementary Program for Beginning Readers

This study examined the effects of Headsprout when used as a supplemental literacy program for beginning readers.

Using Headsprout With Students With Intellectual...

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Randomized Controlled Trial: Using Headsprout With Students With Intellectual Disabilities

An intensive implementation of Headsprout in special-needs schools evaluated its effectiveness in students with intellectual disabilities.

Case Studies

Headsprout and Reading Gains in Fourth Graders From Large Urban District

This case study examined the effects of Headsprout on reading comprehension for students in metropolitan Nashville.

Headsprout and Reading Proficiency in Urban School With High Minority Population

This Headsprout case study included grades K–3 of an elementary school serving predominantly minority students and low-income students.

Headsprout in an Ethnically Diverse, High-Mobility Urban School

Focused on intermediate elementary students, this Headsprout case study took place in an urban school identified as underperforming.

Headsprout and Reading Proficiency in School With High ELL Population

This case study examined the school-wide effects of using Headsprout, measured by the state’s assessment for reading.

Research Base

Teaching the Foundations: Best Practices for Emergent Readers

This white paper addresses research on foundational literacy areas, including key areas identified as critical for emergent readers.

Reading to Learn: Going Beyond the Foundations

To help students learn from complex informational text, the focus of instruction shifts toward comprehension and analysis of text.

Reliably Teaching Children to Read

This peer-reviewed article distinguishes between programs claiming to be research-based and those following systematic research protocols.

Comprehension By Design

Learn how task analysis, content analysis, and concept analysis informed the design and development of Headsprout Reading Comprehension.

Thinking Through Text Comprehension: Part One

Find out about fundamental principles (garnered from the learning sciences) behind the design of Headsprout Reading Comprehension.

Thinking Through Text Comprehension: Part Two

The analysis of learning types, based on Tiemann and Markle’s categories of learning, is applied to reading comprehension in this paper.

Thinking Through Text Comprehension: Part Three

Read this paper for real-life examples of how Headsprout teaches investigative repertoires to answer inferential and vocabulary questions.

More Studies and Publications

Using Headsprout With Children With Down Syndrome: Effects on Decoding Skills

This study examined changes in decoding skills for students with Down syndrome using Headsprout at home under parental observation.

Headsprout and Students With Severe Intellectual Disability

This study highlights ways educators can adapt Headsprout to teach foundational reading skills to learners with severe disabilities.

Headsprout: Report From the Florida Center for Reading Research

The Florida Center for Reading Research reviewed the central components and instructional design of Headsprout Early Reading in this report.

Headsprout and Students At Risk for Reading Difficulties

This study evaluated whether Headsprout may be an effective tool for preventing reading difficulties.

Headsprout and Reading Comprehension in Students With High-Incidence Disabilities

This study examined how Headsprout affected reading comprehension skills in fifth-grade students with learning disabilities or ADHD.

Experimental Study on Headsprout and Reading Fluency in Students With Autism

This study examined the effects of Headsprout as an early intervention program on students with autism.

Headsprout and Students at Risk for Dyslexia

This study measured the oral reading fluency of students at risk for developmental dyslexia before, during, and after using Headsprout.

Students With ADHD: Headsprout's Effects on Reading Fluency and Off-Task Behavior

This study compared baseline levels (before Headsprout) of off-task behavior and oral reading fluency to levels during Headsprout use.

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