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Reading A-Z is famous with educators for our extensive collection of leveled books and resources. These tools enhance instruction and build literacy skills. Explore our studies on the efficacy of these resources.

ESSA — Proven Results

McREL Study Raz-Plus

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McREL Study Examines Effects of Raz-Plus on Reading Achievement and Motivation

Read about McREL International's rigorous study of the effects of Raz-Plus on reading skills and motivation to read.

Raz-Plus and Reading Achievement in Students in...

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Independent Study: Raz-Plus and Reading Achievement in Students in Grades 3–5

This independent study in a large urban school district compared reading abilities in two student groups: one with Raz-Plus, one without.

Tutoring Programs and Reading Achievement

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Tutoring Programs and Reading Achievement in Second-Grade Students

Read about second-grade students in rural schools who used Raz-Plus as part of their tutoring in this study.

Case Studies

Addressing the “Summer Slide” With Raz-Kids and Reading A-Z

This study asks whether at-risk students using Raz-Kids and Reading A-Z can overcome the “summer slide.”

Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids as Part of a District-Wide Literacy Plan

What happens when a large urban school district implements Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids for supplemental and intervention literacy instruction?

Raz-Plus and Early Reading Skills in Kindergarten Students

By including students with low pre-literacy skills, this study informs the field of potential prevention for future reading difficulties.

Reading A-Z and Literacy Skills in Title I School With ELL Majority

This case study addresses an implementation of Reading A-Z in a Title I school where two-thirds of students were English language learners.

Raz-Plus and Reading Proficiency in a Rural Elementary School

Examining Raz-Plus effects on economically disadvantaged students, this study compared reading proficiency in cohorts four years apart.

Research Base

Teaching the Foundations: Best Practices for Emergent Readers

This white paper addresses research on foundational literacy areas, including key areas identified as critical for emergent readers.

Reading to Learn: Going Beyond the Foundations

To help students learn from complex informational text, the focus of instruction shifts toward comprehension and analysis of text.

English Language Learning: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing in English

Raz-Plus ELL Edition helps English language learners develop speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar skills in English.

Exceptional Learners: RtI, Special Education, and Gifted Students

Discussing research on giftedness, RtI, and special education, this paper also describes best practices for teaching exceptional students.

21st Century Skills: Preparing Students for Future Success

Learning A-Z resources promote critical thinking and teamwork, also addressing the crucial 21st century skills described in this white paper.

More Studies and Publications

Reading Motivation in English Language Learners Using Raz-Plus

Find out whether Raz-Plus affected motivation to read in these fifth-grade students learning English.

Reading Growth in Elementary School Students Following Tutoring Programs

Elementary school students with learning disabilities in rural communities worked to improve reading fluency.

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