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The Same Great Interactive Game-Based Activities You Love–Plus So Much More!

Vocabulary A-Z is a digital solution for helping K–5 students build vocabulary and increase reading comprehension. By combining digital game-based activities from VocabularySpellingCity, with a powerful, ever-expanding word bank, unique pre-made five-day lesson plans, digital reporting, and the Kids A-Z Student Portal, Vocabulary A-Z delivers a complete solution for classroom instruction and digital student practice.


More in-depth vocabulary: every word in the Vocabulary A-Z word bank includes a definition, part of speech, a multiple choice assessment question, and a variety of sentences to promote vocabulary acquisition, including:

  • A sentence starter
  • A cloze sentence
  • A context sentence
  • Optional additional context sentences for custom words

Printable, auto-generated five-day lesson plans make it easy to transform word lists into classroom study and practice such as context cards and analogies related to reading series, Learning A-Z resources, and custom word lists.

Skills, activity, and assignment reports expand visibility to student performance, providing valuable data to inform and guide vocabulary instruction.

Connections to the Kids A-Z student portal provides students with a rewarding, engaging practice experience including customizable avatars, badges and other rewards to motivate students.

Online game-based activities for vocabulary, spelling, and phonics you know and love from VocabularySpellingCity, now connected to more resources and more opportunities for students to engage and celebrate their success.



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