​2022 Learning A-Z Year in Review

Though 2022 is coming to a close, there’s still so much to celebrate! Here are just a few achievements our students have accomplished this year.

Reading Your Way From A-Z

Learning A-Z students across the globe read a total of 267,619,864 books. That’s over 3x more books than last year!

Two books, in particular, stood out as clear favorites. Have your students read these yet?

Some Surprising Student Stats

Students read about a book and a half per week during the school year; that’s an average of 37 books per student. Way to go!

Quiz scores tended to be higher on Mondays, and more books were read on Tuesdays than on any other day of the week. But the learning didn’t stop at the end of the week! Students spent over 5.6 million hours reading over the weekend, too!

Share Your Own Year in Review

Check your Student Management Dashboard on KidsA-Z.com to see all the fantastic things YOUR students accomplished this year. Share your stories with us on social media.

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