Simplifying Summer School With Raz-Plus

Your Guide to the Perfect Literacy Companion

Tiara Smith

By Tiara Smith, Copywriter & Content Strategist

Summer is around the corner. Are you prepared? Though summer is the time when many bask in the sun and enjoy time by the pool, it’s also the perfect time to further reading development in your classroom and help your students maintain what they’ve learned or catch up if they may have felt behind.

After a busy school year, it can be difficult to know where to start, but we’ve got you covered with our award-winning product, Raz-Plus! In this article we will present the ways that Raz-Plus simplifies summer instruction, increases student engagement, and alleviates stress for teachers.

Utilizing Research-Based Instruction

Implementation of research-based instruction can make a significant difference in closing the learning gap. In fact, it is no secret that reading development has continued to lag behind since the beginning of the pandemic, and hasn’t exactly recovered. As evident from the fact that ⅔ of American students are reading below grade level, it is clear that we are encountering an alarming crisis. To remedy this, we suggest transitioning to research-based instruction using the following tips:

  1. Find and engage in regular professional development:

    Professional development is extremely powerful when implemented on a regular basis. Outside of acquiring best practices and knowledge derived from data, the right professional development program/content will increase confidence. As teachers gain confidence, they will be able to adequately deliver lessons and feel assured that they are doing so in a way that will maximize learning gains in their classroom.

  2. Find quality, research-based resources:

    We recommend having a trusted, research-based solution by your side such as Raz-Plus. Offering assessments to monitor student progress and inform instruction, a robust selection of books to excite and challenge students, Summer School Theme Packs, lesson plans, and materials to carry out close reading with ease, Raz-Plus is the perfect companion for literacy instruction.

  3. Personalize instruction:

    Differentiating instruction can be complicated and time-consuming, but Raz-Plus leads the charge in this aspect by providing a variety of books to ignite student interest. Reporting also allows teachers to understand where learning gaps may be located. Once teachers are equipped with data on a whole class, small group, or individual level, they are able to personalize instruction to meet unique needs.

Summer Program Lesson Plans? Check!

Gone are the days when you have to stress over lesson planning for summer. With Raz-Plus, that’s a thing of the past! Summer School Theme Packs provide teachers everything they need for differentiated, skill-based instruction. Lesson plans are organized into five-day sessions and center around a specific theme and targeted comprehension skill. Strategically planned to maximize student learning, lessons allow students to work in a whole group, a small collaborative group, and individually to formulate an answer to each weekly theme pack's overarching key question. With the Summer School Theme packs available with Raz-Plus, all lesson plans will be accompanied by a vast library of high-interest content to strengthen and demonstrate learned skills as well as an engaging student portal to keep students motivated to read. In addition, equitable summer school lesson plans and resources are offered in Spanish with Raz-Plus Español, a comprehensive Spanish literacy solution that offers texts from native authors, transadapted resources, and more!

Flexible Summer Learning Activities

Outside of the high-quality lesson plans and a wide array of reading material available within Raz-Plus, this comprehensive solution also provides varying engaging activities to accompany lessons. Here are a few examples of summer learning activities Raz-Plus has the capability to support:

Fuel Your Independent Reading Program

Raz-Plus offers a personalized library of content that caters to student reading levels and interests. Upon logging in, students will be recommended varying texts within the Reading Room, which allows them to truly practice their reading skills independently.

Reader’s Theater Scripts

Bring out your students’ inner actors with scripts adapted from Raz-Plus leveled books. Created for grades 1-5 with texts for students ready at the Early, Middle, and Upper levels of their grade, Reader’s Theater Scripts are interactive lessons that foster interaction and cooperation, improve listening and fluency skills, and help students understand literary elements such as motivation and characterization.

Project-based Learning Packs

Project-based Learning Packs task students with investigating a high-interest topic to discover an answer to a Driving Question. Using the numerous grade-appropriate resources in each pack, students collaborate and develop creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills through guided inquiry and the use of planning or organizing tools.

Literature Circles

Watch what happens when your students start their own book clubs! Literature Circles are a structured book club activity that can be incorporated into any classroom to get students exploring literary themes, reading independently, and collaborating to think critically about texts. Literature Circles encourage students to analyze texts, record responses in a journal, and participate in discussions where they predict, question, and interpret literary devices. With multiple opportunities for peer learning, modeling, and support, students practice reading while building social and analytical skills.

Get Started Today!

Summer is drawing nearer and we know it can be stressful, but with Raz-Plus, there’s no need to worry! For more information about Raz-Plus, ESSR Funding, and more, contact our knowledgeable sales team!

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