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Foster Social-Emotional Learning in Your Classroom

Educators at every level feel the importance being placed on social-emotional learning (SEL) to support students returning to school this fall. Like most of us, students experienced the repercussions of the tumultuous past year and a half. How we understand, view, and interpret current events like COVID-19, cultural change, political unrest, or violence in any form is often directly related to how we feel we’re perceived by others and how we see ourselves in the world.

So within this context, the work of educators has suddenly become much more complex and difficult. How do teachers (on top of everything else they’re already doing) support each of their students while building an inclusive classroom where every child feels valued? One solution involves instructional tools for promoting social-emotional health.

Support SEL and facilitate reflective, inclusive classroom conversations by leveraging culturally responsive content with thoughtfully prepared conversation supports. We’ve made it easy for you to start today! We created a free downloadable SEL Conversations Kit that you can use with your students right away. The in-depth kit provides specifically chosen books and passages from our library, focused on two main topics chosen for sparking exploratory, inclusive classroom dialogue.

Your complementary SEL Conversations Kit provides:

  • Curated SEL content for Grades K-5
  • Two main topics for discussion:
    • Back to School Around the World
    • Moral of the Story
  • Two content pieces per topic per grade
  • Discussion guidance (for both teachers and students) on conducting respectful conversations in the classroom
  • Accompanying discussion cards for every content piece

The discussion guidelines are designed to help you lead and engage with the conversation without positioning yourself as the “expert” on any given topic. It’s important that you don’t feel you have to function in the role of information provider or attempt to answer your students’ questions.

Get Your Complimentary SEL Conversations Kit

Engage in authentic conversations, deepen shared understanding, strengthen social-emotional health, and build more inclusive classrooms.

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Ready for more?

If you enjoy the SEL Conversations Kit, try Meaningful Conversations, our new comprehensive SEL resource, now available in Raz-Plus.

Based on the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) framework, Meaningful Conversations is designed to help teachers create safe learning environments, where the diverse identities and experiences of all students are reflected and validated.

Providing new culturally responsive, highly engaging, authentic student materials in multiple formats (videos, books, passages, and more), Meaningful Conversations provides full teacher support. You’ll find complete lesson plans, discussion cards, rubrics, worksheets, and a caregiver toolkit to extend SEL to students’ homes. Access Meaningful Conversations from Reading A-Z or Raz-Plus!

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New Meaningful Conversations resources in Raz-Plus support SEL and foster self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

  • Deliver highly engaging, multi-format materials for students.
  • Access full instructional support.
  • Guide age-appropriate, inclusive, and respectful discussions.
  • Help students develop SEL competencies.
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