Celebrate Social-Emotional Learning This Thanksgiving

Share Gratitude with Fun SEL Activities

The holidays are a time to be thankful. Wherever you may be, we’re thankful for you, and grateful to be able to share these fun Thanksgiving resources with you. We’ve gathered this collection to help you and your students celebrate the holiday with social-emotional learning activities!

Social-emotional learning (SEL) encourages and empowers students to develop relationships, goals, empathy, healthy identities, and responsible decision-making skills. Social-emotional competencies can be effectively taught, modeled, practiced, and learned, leading to positive student outcomes and future success. For decades, research has shown the many ways SEL delivers long-term improvement in academic performance, attitudes, relationships, and more.

So it seems like the perfect thing to focus on this holiday season, doesn’t it? We thought so too! Whether you’re doing virtual instruction or looking for Thanksgiving classroom activities, we’ve got you covered with these engaging SEL activities. From thank you postcards to gratitude books, these resources enable educators to create meaningful SEL lessons, perfect for the holidays!


Kids Become Authors With Build-A-Book

Students can create their own full-color, online books using Build-A-Book in  Writing A-Z. With a library of thousands of images to spark ideas and help them illustrate their books, kids can create books on nearly any subject. Build-A-Book turns students into authors, giving them an authentic purpose to exercise creativity and practice good writing skills, from prewriting and drafting to revision and publication. Ask them to write about things they’re thankful for. When they publish their books, those books are available in the Writing A-Z Kids Writing Library for other students in their class to read!


Thank You Postcards

Send a Thank You Postcard

Whether students share these cards virtually or download, print, and mail or personally hand them to friends and family, our adorable thank you postcards are a great tool for getting students thinking about the people in their lives who deserve thanks. A fun exercise for kids and grownups alike, these cute postcards are a great way for each person to practice and express gratitude.


Gratitude Books Blog

Read Books About Gratitude

These children’s books about Thanksgiving and thankfulness will help you and your students celebrate the season and focus on social-emotional learning. These gratitude books encourage students to think about the importance of giving back and giving thanks.


Social Stories

Explore Social Stories

Social stories help make it easy to infuse your curriculum with powerful social-emotional learning. Helping students talk about feelings, emotions, and thankfulness, social stories from Reading A-Z and Raz-Plus are handpicked by our editors to combine content area curriculum in social stories with literacy instruction and SEL.


Thanksgiving Resources

Find Fun Thanksgiving Activities

Explore Thanksgiving with Reading A-Z and Raz-Plus resources from leveled books to Literature Circle activities and Project-Based Learning Packs, and get your students excited to learn more about this holiday. With a subscription to Raz-Plus, access printable, projectable, and digital classroom resources to complement your Thanksgiving-themed activities.


40 Things to Be Thankful For

Discover 40 Things to Be Thankful For

We've made a downloadable infographic of 40 great things to help inspire gratitude for both kids and adults. Print and post it wherever you like! Share it with coworkers and friends, or even frame it and hang it somewhere as a reminder of all the wonderful things we can be grateful for, during Thanksgiving and all year long.


All About Pumpkins

Learn All About Pumpkins

The pumpkin is an American classic. A type of squash native to North America and domesticated in Central America almost 10,000 years ago, pumpkins truly have deep American roots. Pumpkin pie is one of the best-loved desserts in history, and without it most Thanksgiving tables would feel incomplete. Read this fascinating, informative post about America’s favorite gourd, and discover the many Learning A-Z books about this nutritious, delicious American treasure.


At Learning A-Z, we’re grateful every day for the opportunity to deliver literacy resources to students and educators around the world. And we’re grateful for you. Thank you for being you!

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