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We’ve added new features and resources to Raz-Kids, allowing you to better monitor student progress with new report data, incorporate new resources into your curriculum, and more. Explore the new updates below:

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Skill Report Updates

Raz-Kids Skill Report First Attempt tab

A new First Attempt tab has been added to the Skill Report. Navigating between the First Attempt and Overall Score tabs now makes it easier to monitor progress, either by skill or by student. In addition, you can now view the Skill Report by group.

New French Leveled eBooks

French translated Raz-Kids eBook

Raz-Kids now provides nearly 300 high-quality French translated eBooks. An essential support for students in native French, dual language, bilingual, and immersion programs, these carefully leveled books help students develop French comprehension and fluency.

Teacher Corner Refresh

expanded and reorganized Raz-Kids Teacher Corner

We’ve expanded and reorganized the Teacher Corner to make it easier to find the information you need. Plus, we’ve added a Professional Development section, so you can quickly access resources to help you get the most out of your Raz-Kids subscription.

Updated Home Page

updated Raz-Kids Home Page for subscribers

The Raz-Kids Home Page for logged in users has a fresh, new look. The new page includes a Dashboard that provides a quick snapshot of student Reading Levels, Comprehension Skills, recent Activities Completed, and Average Quiz Scores.

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