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When your classroom is full of students with different learning styles and abilities, it can be difficult to ensure that lessons and assignments are ideal for every student. Learning A-Z’s reading, writing, and science products allow you to adapt instruction and assessment to a variety of learners while giving them opportunities to practice skills at their own level of proximal development. Printable, projectable, online, and mobile versions of our product resources promote learning that fits any student’s ability level.


Our newest blended learning platform strengthens the connection between what you teach and what students practice with resources that combine in-class instruction, large group lessons, small group activities, and independent practice. With Raz-Plus’ variety of assessments and online reporting features, you can immediately evaluate student work and create assignments for individual students according to their skill development.

Reading A-Z

With printable and projectable reading materials at 29 levels, Reading A-Z makes it easy to find the right books for any student in your classroom. Our rigorous text leveling system ensures that our 1,500 books are specifically tailored to every increment of a child’s literacy development, so students can read books that are engaging, yet complex enough to expand content knowledge and comprehension skills.


Raz-Kids is an online portal for students to access thousands of leveled books at school, at home, or on the go. With the flexibility of anytime, anywhere literacy practice, Raz-Kids allows students to develop reading skills in a way that fits their lifestyle. A digital rewards system also gives students the opportunity to create their own robot avatar and earn incentives based on their activity level.


This adaptive, online reading curriculum guides a student through practicing foundational reading and comprehension skills until they read at a mid-4 th grade level. After an initial assessment, a student is placed at an appropriate level and can start the curriculum at any one of 130 learning episodes. Headsprout’s smart response feedback ensures that students only progress to the next episode after they have mastered a particular foundational or comprehension skill.

Writing A-Z

With Writing A-Z, you can personalize lessons for emergent, early developing, developing, and fluent writers. Because writing is a recursive process, you can help students at any level to choose from a variety of supporting resources such as graphic organizers, essay samples, and drafting guides that match their writing goals and abilities.

Science A-Z

Science A-Z activities span four instructional units—Life Sciences, Earth and Space, Physical Science, and Process Science — with resources accessible to students at beginner, intermediate, and fluent reading levels. With a variety of multilevel nonfiction texts, students can read high-interest topics of their choice at a level that’s right for them. Science A-Z texts, experiments, and group activities encourage students at every level to think critically and explore scientific concepts.

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Learning A-Z understands that there is no uniform instructional approach for all students in your classroom. This is why our versatile products are designed to align with a wide spectrum of student ability levels while giving you the tools you need to help develop independent, self-sufficient learners. Sign up for a free 2-week trial to any of our reading, writing, or science products today to see how our personalized approach to learning can benefit you and your students.

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