Parent Involvement: The Key to Literacy

The Other Side of the Equation for Success

Tiara Smith

By Tiara Smith, Copywriter & Content Strategist

When embarking on a learning journey, there are multiple, equally important pieces of the puzzle we call success. Outside of teacher-led instruction, parent involvement acts as one of the most important contributions, but it is no secret that there can be some inherent barriers, especially in Spanish-speaking households. With Raz-Plus Español, this is a thing of the past!

Raz Plus Español allows parents in Spanish-speaking households to feel more involved in their student’s learning.

An add-on to the award-winning product Raz-Plus, Raz Plus Español offers high-quality Spanish resources to meet the needs of students in bilingual and dual language programs!

Raz Plus Español: Transforming Literacy

Many literacy solutions fail to cater to households in which Spanish is predominantly spoken, making it difficult for parents to read with their children and help them further develop. With Raz Plus Español, students have access to authentic Spanish texts written by native Spanish speakers that can be accessed from home as additional practice opportunities outside of the classroom. As students practice reading through texts, their parents are able to help them sound out new words and explain the content, promoting reading comprehension and key foundational skills development. Outside of strengthening the bond between parent and student, this feature alone reinforces what students are learning in the classroom and creates a solid foundation upon which avid readers are built.

Features to Accelerate Reading Development

Raz Plus Español offers a feature called Level Up!, a digital collection of books that students can complete to automatically advance to the next level. Upon completion of reading and listening to all books, this feature assigns students comprehension quizzes that require a score of 80% or higher to advance reading levels. With their parents by their sides, students are able to understand the texts they read better, and hence, comprehend more, which will translate into a higher score on the comprehension quiz. Once completed, students will gain access to a new level of texts they can read and dissect with their parents once they’re ready.

Resources to Reinforce Skills at Home

It can often be difficult to know where to find resources and activities that parents can use to reinforce key skills their students are learning in the classroom, but with Raz Plus Español finding resources is easy! Offering hundreds of Spanish resources to add to your literacy toolkit, this solution helps parents to find the resources they need to reinforce instruction at home and keep their students on-track.

Of the resources available, Raz-Plus Español offers the Español Reading Room. This feature provides a digital library of differentiated resources for students to read for fun and practice. Within this section, students have access to books three levels below and two levels above their assigned Learning A-Z reading level that is organized based on student activity, interests, and reading level. As students read with their parents, they’ll be able to select some of the books they’ve favorited or other books of high-interest to read with their parents, allowing them to stay engaged and bring them along in the process. In addition, this comprehensive Spanish literacy solution offers Spanish resources aligned to phonics skills and Summer School Theme Packs to ensure that there is always something students can practice with their parents or on their own.

Tools to Simplify Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is one of the most important contributions to producing successful readers outside of classroom instruction. As students continue on their Spanish literacy journey, parents need tools that make it easy to get involved. Raz-Plus Español does just that for Spanish-speaking parents, as it allows them to become an integral part of the learning process while bonding with their students along the way. Sign up for a free trial of Raz-Plus Español today to witness how your involvement can make a difference!

Get Involved in Your Student’s Spanish Literacy Journey

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