Más Posibilidades With Raz-Plus Español

High-Quality Resources For Every Student

Raz-Plus Español, an add-on to Raz-Plus, adds hundreds of Spanish resources to your literacy toolkit, including:

  • Level Up! digital experience for student practice
  • Authentic Spanish texts
  • New Español Reading Room
  • Resources aligned to phonics skills
  • New Summer School theme packs

Empower your Dual Language educators with the tools to help their students achieve biliteracy.

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Introducing Raz-Plus Espanol, a new add-on to Raz-Plus that gives you mas posibilidades, equipped with hundreds of Spanish resources, including authentic texts. Your reading suite will be packed with flexible, quality content, giving your students more ways to expand their Spanish reading and language skills simultaneously.

Let's watch Raz-Plus Espanol in action by joining Ms. Sanchez, a dual language teacher who strives to break barriers for her Spanish-speaking students. She's always had a hard time finding instructional resources in Spanish for her reading students, until she found Raz-Plus Espanol, a new addition to Raz-Plus for her dual language classroom.

Raz-Plus Espanol is a comprehensive and affordable solution that adds hundreds of authentic Spanish texts and trans-adapted, instructional resources to her reading instruction. In addition to texts written and created by native Spanish speakers, Raz-Plus Espanol includes phonics, close read passages, text sets, paired books and lessons, summer school resources and benchmark passages, all in Spanish. Ms. Sanchez' favorite thing about Raz-Plus Espanol is getting to use it for student independent practice to give her students even more ways to reinforce what they've learned.

To get started, she lets her students log into their customized digital platform to practice their Spanish reading in the reading room. She also encourages them to level up their Spanish reading levels by completing reading tasks in order to advance reading levels. Ms. Sanchez' students love Raz-Plus Espanol, because it gives them more opportunities to have fun. As they progress, students are able to use the stars and badges they've earned to design their own avatar, customize their own rocket ship, and more. Raz-Plus Espanol -- discover mas posibilidades. Learn more today.

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