Experience Reading A-Z: Leveled Books in Action

Part 2 - How to Use Reading A-Z Leveled Books and Accompanying Resources

Did you see our first post: “ Experience Reading A-Z: Leveled Books for Every Reader”? Last time we told you about how Reading A-Z is famous with teachers for our huge collection of engaging leveled books.

Perfect for reading instruction, differentiated reading practice, small-group instruction, and all kinds of curricular needs and learning environments, our leveled books and comprehensive resources are incredibly flexible.

Check out Voyagers in Space, a leveled book that demonstrates some of the many things you can do with just one Reading A-Z leveled book. Download the book here for free, along with a sample lesson plan!

Print the Book for Literacy Instruction
  • Each of our leveled books is accompanied by a lesson plan to help you introduce the book and model important reading strategies and skills
  • Discussion cards promote critical thinking and collaboration after reading
  • Extension activities link what students have just read to other curriculum areas, such as math, science, and social studies

Download Sample Book     Download Sample Lesson Plan

Project The Book for Small-Group or Whole-Class Instruction
  • Every leveled book is formatted for digital projectors and interactive white boards, and includes a collection of built-in tools to enhance instruction
  • Reading A-Z automatically saves your annotations to projectable resources, so you can prepare your lessons in advance or build upon instruction over multiple sessions

More About Reading A-Z Projectables

Teach Multiple Levels
  • Many leveled books are offered at multiple levels to support mixed-level classes
  • You can easily group students according to skill levels, while introducing relevant comprehension skills and reading strategies to the class as a whole

See Multilevel Books >

Use Worksheets to Teach Literacy
  • Our leveled books come with supporting practice materials to reinforce comprehension and other literacy skills
  • Many books also include a graphic organizer to help engage students in the reading process
  • All books and materials are easily printable for small-group, whole-class, or home use

Download Sample Worksheets

Assess Student Comprehension
  • Each leveled book (levels A-Z2) comes with discussion cards to promote critical thinking, collaboration, and student engagement
  • A multiple-choice comprehension quiz accompanies each leveled book to help you easily assess student comprehension

Download Discussion Cards    Download Sample Comprehension Quiz

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