Announcing the Winners of a Recent Book Cover Contest

2,142 Students in Hong Kong Submitted Art and Essays in a Book Cover Contest

At Learning A-Z, we love hearing from teachers about how they have creatively incorporated our resources into their curriculum or classrooms to engage students in new, out-of-the-box ways. When we learned that our partner in Hong Kong wanted to conduct a contest for students to demonstrate their creativity as it relates to their favorite books – we were excited to get involved!

Info Access & Distribution (HK), conducted a friendly contest, asking students to re-imagine the covers of their favorite books from Raz-Plus or Raz-Kids, and to submit a short paragraph on why a particular book is their favorite one.

The contest took place among schools in Hong Kong, with 19 schools participating in the competition. More than 2,000 students submitted cover designs along with their essays, and the results were astounding! There were 28 finalists that went on to be reviewed by a panel of judges at Learning A-Z. The effort put into every piece of art and every essay was spectacular – which made selecting the winners incredibly difficult.

Here are the winning entries and comments from the judges:

The Butterfly Life Cycle

First Place: The Butterfly Life Cycle - Level H
Leung Hin Shing from S.K.H Tin Wan Chi Nam Primary School

Comments from the judges:

"The composition and color is whimsical. Using the holes in the tree to show different stages of the life cycle is inventive."

"This cover is a standout. It’s impossible not to stop and take notice of it. It is so creative and very professional looking, down to the beautiful text and color detail."

"I love the texture of this piece. The way the artist featured the metamorphosis of a butterfly through the tree is original and very creative."

Little Red Riding Hood

Second Place: Little Red Riding Hood - Level L
Law Chun Him Kenson from C.C.C. Kei Wai Primary School (Ma Wan)

Comments from the judges:

"The movement and color use is haunting."

"This is a very original design for a classic story. It is very moving and is visually stunning!"

"This is beautiful artwork. It is mysterious and intriguing and entices the reader into the story. It should be framed and hung in a museum or a fancy hotel."


Third Place: Sharks - Level M
Ng Nok Hin Jadrian from Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School

Comments from the judges:

"Amazing typography!"

"This design is clever and shows a lot of thought and attention to detail."

"Using the sharks in the lettering is extremely creative and fun. The illustrations are amazing."

Book Cover Contest Merit Winners

Merit Winners

What? - Level D
Alicia Chi Yau Lee from Pui Kiu College
I Love Art Class - Level B
Kristy Liu from Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School
Friends In The Stars - Level F
Bethany Pang from WF Joseph Lee Primary School
Vincent’s Bedroom - Level Q
Zoe Lau from Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School
Parrots - Level M
Yannie Chan Yan Sin from Pui Kiu College

With so many unique art submissions, and countless clever, inspiring, and comical essays, it is clear that each of the participating students possesses an incredible wealth of talent. We want to say thank you to all of the teachers and students who participated in this contest. The employees and partners of Learning A-Z are truly amazed by your abilities, and we are inspired to work with so many dedicated and gifted educators and students.

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