Top 5 Resources Ideal for Summer Use

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Summer break means a chance to unwind, a chance to reflect, and a chance to give your students a leg up for the year ahead. Here are the top 5 ways teachers can leverage Learning A-Z resources over the summer.

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#5 Promote Inquiry over the Summer with Science in the News

Science in the News is a digitally delivered periodical that delivers a library of fun, captivating content covering the world of science news. Written at 3 reading levels, Science in the News is a great way to promote critical thinking and inquiry over the summer and introduce students to the genre-­specific skill of reading the news.

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#4 Writing A-­Z's Summer Writing Activities

Writing A-­Z's Summer Writing activities provide printed handouts for critical writing practice over the summer. These handouts give students the chance to practice writing letters, books, postcards, and posters, and provide helpful tips for parents to foster their child's writing skill development.

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#3 Reading A-­Z's Summer School Resources

Reading A-­Z delivers resources specifically designed to promote reading growth over the summer. Summer School Theme Packs provide teachers with the materials they need to provide leveled, skill-based instruction in any summer school setting, while Reading A-­Z's Summer Reading Contracts encourage students to continue their reading over the upcoming break.

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#2 Bolster Summer Reading Growth with Headsprout

Headsprout is an excellent program to promote reading growth over the summer! The program is designed to adjust its instruction to every student's needs, and can be used anywhere a student has Internet access. All the work the student does over the summer will transfer to their classroom next year.

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#1 Encourage Independent Reading this Summer with Raz­-Kids eBooks

What better way to encourage reading growth over the summer than to let kids pick out the books they want to read? Simply assign each student a developmentally appropriate reading level, and give parents and students the information they need to access Raz-Kids at home! With Raz-­Kids online reporting, you can monitor individual and class-­wide progress and transfer that data to their teacher next year!

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