SAZ Adventures from Science A-Z

An Exciting, Original Video Series

Take a virtual field trip with SAZ Adventures – no permission slips required! Students join hosts Doug and Jane as they demonstrate how the concepts introduced in corresponding science units apply to the real world around them. Each adventure is supplemented by Video Discussion Questions, as well as SAZ Adventures Teaching Tips that provide standards connections, key vocabulary, and other instructional support.

SAZ Adventures are listed with the Science Videos and can be found here: > Resources > Activities > Multimedia > Science Videos > Filter by SAZ Adventures (look for the rocket)

Would you like to take a class trip anytime you wanted? No permission slips needed! Science A-Z can take you there! With our new original series “SAZ Adventures”, your students are whisked out of the classroom to explore the world of science.

Join our hosts: Doug and Jane, as they transport your students from their science lab, to a butterfly house where they can learn all about the life cycles of a butterfly from a real butterfly expert! Or, teach your students about the strength of magnets.

Each episode is specifically designed to accompany Science A-Z units within physical science, life science, earth and space, and engineering and design. It’s easy! Just pick a science unit, then select the accompanying video to watch in your classroom.

The adventure begins once you hit “play”! You can “tap pause” to ask questions and engage your students in class discussions.

Encourage your students to think like scientists while they learn important vocabulary! But the adventure doesn’t end when the video is over.

"Are you interested in trying rain harvesting? Think about how you can capture water the next time it rains!"

Students are encouraged to use what they learn and explore science at home, in nature, and all around them. Teaching science will be more fun than ever with these engaging videos.

Take a trip with SAZ Adventures!

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